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  • 1.  Is it possible to set a top (hard) limit for CMC?

    Posted Thu February 22, 2024 09:56 AM

    Hi, maybe someone could assist me with this - does anyone know if it is possible to set a top limit for used cores in CMC that is not possible to override unless you manually set the parameters back to "free" again?

    I would like to make it impossible to override Base AIX 2 and IBM i 10  .... can that be done in CMC somewhere? So no credits will be used unless we allow that to happen.

    Per Hillerström

  • 2.  RE: Is it possible to set a top (hard) limit for CMC?

    IBM Champion
    Posted Fri February 23, 2024 08:07 AM

    I may not know the terms you are using (like CMC) but I'll take a gander at what you are trying to do.  We have three Power systems.  Each with multiple lpars of IBM i.  A couple have a lpar of aix also.

    Some of the lpars of IBM i run different software than others.  Some vendors charge by how much processor is allocated to that lpar and also how much is allocated to the shared pool that the particular lpar runs in.  I guess they're fearing that the lpar may borrow processor from that pool and they cannot gouge you for this.

    I have set up multiple processor pools because of this.  I go into Systems, Shared Processor Pools, and have the following:

    Robert Berendt IBMChampion

  • 3.  RE: Is it possible to set a top (hard) limit for CMC?

    Posted Fri February 23, 2024 02:44 PM

    No, it is not possible to set a core usage limit in CMC.

    You can set of budget of 0 metered credits in CMC and set up notifications to be emailed or texted when the budget is met (as soon as a single metered minute is used you would be alerted).  If your pool supports budget enforcement (a create pool time decision that you can check the setting of on the Budget page), then processor throttling will start on the servers in the pool to limit each server to its own processor base capacity and no metered usage will accrue.  However all resource sharing across the pool will stop at that time since each server is limited to its own processor base capacity.  This throttling option may not work for you but I just wanted to let you know it does exist.