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  • 1.  Advanced macro scripting?

    Posted Tue April 23, 2024 10:12 AM

    Does have a contact with someone who might be able to answer some advanced ACS macro scripting questions?

    I previously reached out to Scott Forstie, who is a Senior Technical Staff Member within IBM i development, explaining that I had reached the end of my limited technical ability and asking if he could refer me to somebody that I could pay to help me work on a couple macro scripts for ACS.  He forwarded me to Ronald Bibby with IBM Systems Expert Labs, who set up a webex meeting with me.

    They must have thought it was going to be a large enterprise project because, much to my surprise, there were three or four IBM employees in the meeting.  When I made it clear I just had some scripting questions, the meeting was over pretty quickly.  Ronald asked me to email him about our questions. I did, but I never heard back from anybody.

    The HAScript language seems to be so uncommon that I got crickets at StackOverflow. ChatGPT gives me answers that might work in regular XML, but don't work in HAScript. The IBM Host On-Demand Macro Programming Guide didn't help at all.

    I literally just want to have somebody teach me how to replace any blank spaces in a variable with a plus sign.

    Greg Cornett

  • 2.  RE: Advanced macro scripting?

    Posted Wed April 24, 2024 07:59 PM

    Hello Greg,

    I've never written an HAScript before...but I've programmed in a lot of languages and environments.  I dug into the doc a bit and found that in order to do what you want, you need to import the java classes to do that conversion.  I did it with a simple String.replace() method call.  Here's my simple script:

    <HAScript name="ReplaceChars" description="" timeout="60000" pausetime="300" promptall="true" blockinput="true" author="MichaelSwenson" creationdate="Apr 24, 2024, 6:03:25 PM" supressclearevents="false" usevars="true" ignorepauseforenhancedtn="true" delayifnotenhancedtn="0" ignorepausetimeforenhancedtn="true" continueontimeout="false">

            <type class="java.lang.String" name="javaString"/>

          <create name="$myString$" type="javaString" value="$new javaString('This Is A Test')$" />
          <create name="$newString$" type="string" value="" />

        <screen name="Screen1" entryscreen="true" exitscreen="true" transient="false">
            <description >
                <oia status="NOTINHIBITED" optional="false" invertmatch="false" />
                <varupdate name="$newString$" value="$myString.replace(&apos; &apos;,&apos;+&apos;)$" />
                <input value="$newString$" row="0" col="0" movecursor="true" xlatehostkeys="true" encrypted="false" />
            <nextscreens timeout="0" >


    Michael Swenson
    Software Engineer

  • 3.  RE: Advanced macro scripting?

    Posted Thu April 25, 2024 08:20 AM

    Thank you, sir! I appreciate your help so much! You have no idea how much this helps me.

    Greg Cornett