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  • APAR SE80590 shows how to remove Management Central - which is obsolete and unsupported. The PTF for 7.5 for this APAR is SI84787 This breaks CHKPRDOPT with the message at the bottom. I have opened case TS014906410 Message ID . . . . ...

  • Satid, Use of Global Variables won't prevent the values from being accessed in Visual Explain. While the Plan Cache statement text may have the parameter marker (?), the Final Select icon in Visual Explain with display the value of the global variable. ...

  • Dear David Did you pass the URL text string directly in HTTP_POST? If so, please try assigning the URL string to a variable first and use the variable in HTTP_POST instead as Plan Cache will NOT keep the actual value of any variables (parameters) ...

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  • Is your company looking fresh faces with IBM i experience? Sign up to attend a virtual meet and greet sponsored by the COMMON Education Foundation (CEF) on Thursday November 16, 2023 from 11:00AM - 12:30PM EDT What is it? This 1.5 hour event is ...

  • Welcome to the IBM i Reference Pages blog. If there is something you find that can help the IBM i community, please contact me with that link / page and I'll add it to this repository. The goal is a 1 stop discovery for most anything you may need ...

  • On this June our beloved platform will finish another travel around the Sun to turn 35 years. IBM i has many good things but the one I love is the simplicity of its architecture; the out-of-the-box term is perfect to describe a system where everything ...

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