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  • Dear Joel When you previously mentioned "6 concurrent users per core", I think you picked it up from my CASE 2 article in which I discussed about batch jobs. So, this is your misunderstanding. For a POWER8 core with SMT-8 capability, I would figure ...

  • Hi Satid, Its a Power 8 with 4 cores 64Gb memory and IBM i 7.4. Only the webfacing server QQFWFSVR is multi threaded based on WRKACTJOB F11. Temporary Subsystem/Job User Number ...

  • Hi Thomas, Thank you very much. This is exactly a solution that I was looking for. Best regard from Dublin :) ------------------------------ Krzysztof Jarzynski ------------------------------

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  • Push IBM i beyond the limits – table partitioning One of the less knew (and consequently less used) feature of DB2 for i is the possibility of table partitioning. In many other databases this is a need as a partitioned table allow data process in parallel ...

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  • automation /ɔːtəˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/ noun: automation; the use or introduction of software in a process in order to reduce human effort. "automation on the IBM i can help reduce application downtime!" Introduction Moving beyond the dictionary ...

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  • First of all, welcome to the new world of IBM Ideas! Of course this move is a good thing – let me tell you more about it. For many years, the IBM Request For Enhancement (RFE) process has provided an opportunity for c ustomers , business ...

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