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  • If you cannot see an option "Set AS Default" for that Digicert certificate (click + sign for that certificate you see in IBM i DCM), then it is a root certificate. But if it comes as an intermediate certificate (called client/server certificate in IBM ...

  • I am using a cert from Digicert. If I do not "assign" it to each service necessary then that verification screen fails. ------------------------------ Robert Berendt IBMChampion ------------------------------

  • If the command profile function in Code for IBM i does not work as expected, please report the issue on the GitHub repo - it may be a defect or a usage error, and in any case you can get help there. They (we) try to answer any questions asap... Your ...

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  • Welcome to the IBM i Reference Pages blog. If there is something you find that can help the IBM i community, please contact me with that link / page and I'll add it to this repository. The goal is a 1 stop discovery for most anything you may need ...

  • On this June our beloved platform will finish another travel around the Sun to turn 35 years. IBM i has many good things but the one I love is the simplicity of its architecture; the out-of-the-box term is perfect to describe a system where everything ...

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