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  • The NVMe U.2 deskside is definitely louder and I missed that memo about the fan noise. I have applied the latest firmware VL950_075_045 MH01891 which has helped lower the noise. I used the NVMe U.2 because I can get the plant to create the namespaces ...

  • Good feedback on this topic. :) I first of all need to explain how I ended up with the installation manager from 2019. If you google Rational Developer for I, the first hit you get is the IBM product page for RDI. Clicking on Download the trial buttons ...

  • Well it would have been nice to have been told that. Thanks for the info Eric - but can you clarify what you mean by " there are still other issues when running RDi 96 on Big Sur". Issues like plug-ins won't run? (A problem we've had with Catalina) ...

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  • As of the time of writing this document (original November 2020, updated June 2021), there are no known ransomware malware programs or viruses that run directly on the IBM i. However, the IBM i can be affected by an infected PC on the network. These ...

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  • You and i – IBM i Roadmaps [1] There are two primary types of roadmap we use to describe the life of IBM i in the marketplace. This post has both: the “ release roadmap ” which lays out the timing, method and continuous nature of the delivery ...

  • You and i – IBM i 7.4 TR4 7.3 TR 10 Announced Today, April 13 2021, is announcement day for IBM i again, so it’s time for another overview blog post. Of course, I’ll talk about some of the key enhancements we’re announcing, but I have a couple ...

  • Announcement Time: IBM i 7.4 TR3 & 7.3 TR9 It’s announcement day again! Does it seem to anyone else like the last announcement day happened just last week? Last month? [Time is really moving strangely lately.] Well, no matter what it feels ...

  • Announcing IBM i 7.4 TR2 and 7.3 TR8 Tuesday, April 14 2020, and it’s announce day again. There are other things going on in the world, so you might not have time to read this on April 14, but that’s no issue – it will be here whenever you get around ...

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