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  • Hi Steve Thanks for the question, it highlights just how fast things are moving in this space! Things changed in the Drive Write Per Day (DWPD) rating when the Gen4 Add in Cards (AiCs) were released. The PCIe Gen3 AiC were 5 DWPD, the Gen4 AiC (is ...

  • Hi Steve, Very informative video. Thanks. Glad to learn that that concurrent maintenance is available on the AIC cards. I noticed that the AIC cards have a DWPD of five vs the U.2's that have a DWPD of three. Five sounds better than three. Is there any ...

  • Frank, One of the key things you mention here is VIOS redundancy. We can all agree that redundancy is indeed a good thing. However if you are using internal disk then redundancy is effectively off the table because VIOS must 'own' the disk in order ...

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  • You and i – IBM i 7.4 TR4 7.3 TR 10 Announced Today, April 13 2021, is announcement day for IBM i again, so it’s time for another overview blog post. Of course, I’ll talk about some of the key enhancements we’re announcing, but I have a couple ...

  • Announcement Time: IBM i 7.4 TR3 & 7.3 TR9 It’s announcement day again! Does it seem to anyone else like the last announcement day happened just last week? Last month? [Time is really moving strangely lately.] Well, no matter what it feels ...

  • Announcing IBM i 7.4 TR2 and 7.3 TR8 Tuesday, April 14 2020, and it’s announce day again. There are other things going on in the world, so you might not have time to read this on April 14, but that’s no issue – it will be here whenever you get around ...

  • Announcing IBM i 7.4 TR1 On Tuesday, October 8 2019, IBM made several announcements, including the first Technology Refresh (TR) for the IBM i 7.4 release, as well as TR 7 for 7.3. For those who want the official announcements, here they are: ...

  • Announcing IBM i 7.4 and Db2 Mirror for i Today [1] is an exciting day for those of us who work to create IBM i and all of its related software. Today is Announcement Day! Of course, we have two of those each year (at least) when we announce ...

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