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  • 1.  Requesting wget2 package

    Posted 24 days ago

    Requesting wget2 package.

    GNU Wget2 is the successor of GNU Wget, a file and recursive website downloader. Designed and written from scratch it wraps around libwget, that provides the basic functions needed by a web client.  Wget2 works multi-threaded and uses many features to allow fast operation.  In many cases Wget2 downloads much faster than Wget1.x due to HTTP2, HTTP compression, parallel connections and use of If-Modified-Since HTTP header. GNU Wget2 is licensed under GPLv3+. Libwget is licensed under LGPLv3+.

    At first glance we may need these packages as well for the wget2 build requirements:
    doxygen (for creating the documentation)
    pandoc (for creating the wget2 man page)
    liblzma >= 5.1.1alpha (optional, if you want HTTP lzma decompression)
    libbz2 >= 1.0.6 (optional, if you want HTTP bzip2 decompression)
    libbrotlidec/libbrotli >= 1.0.0 (optional, if you want HTTP brotli decompression)
    libidn2 >= 0.14 (libidn >= 1.25 if you don't have libidn2)
    libpsl >= 0.5.0
    libmicrohttpd >= 0.9.51 (optional, if you want to run the test suite)
    lcov (optional, for coverage reports)
    libhsts (optional, to support HSTS preload lists)



    Matthew Opoka

  • 2.  RE: Requesting wget2 package

    Posted 20 days ago

    Hi Matthew

    Thanks for the information on wget2.

    We will analyze and see the effort involved.


  • 3.  RE: Requesting wget2 package

    Posted 20 days ago


    Matthew Opoka

  • 4.  RE: Requesting wget2 package

    Posted 6 days ago

    Any update?

    Amanda Rodriguez

  • 5.  RE: Requesting wget2 package

    Posted 5 days ago
    Edited by Ranjit Ranjan 5 days ago


    I thought to build and try it .
    It's not working in AIX . We need to debug this. 
    So what all use case other than faster downloads , we are trying to achieve which is not available in wget.
    Based on that, we will set the priority and put in AIX toolbox. 

    # wget2

                              [Files: 0  Bytes: 0  [0 B/s] Redirects: 0  Todo: 0  Errors: 0                                                                                               ]



    Ranjit Ranjan