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IBM C/C++ and Fortran new beta compilers available for download

By SI YUAN ZHANG posted Fri November 20, 2020 01:47 AM

IBM has been contributing code to the LLVM project for both IBM Power® and IBM Z® in the areas of code generation and exploitation, portability & usability enhancements, and toolchain support. As we shared in our last announcement 'IBM C/C++ and Fortran compilers to adopt LLVM open source infrastructure', IBM intends to leverage the LLVM infrastructure in C/C++ and Fortran offerings.

Today we are very excited to share that the beta version of future C/C++ and Fortran offerings are available. To ensure that IBM is continuing to focus on features and functions that are important to our clients, we encourage participation in our beta programs.

Our beta programs require no fee to enrol and give you an opportunity to influence development, and to gain awareness of new product features and potential enhancements. Click on the following link or contact through the following email to obtain more detailed information on our betas:

IBM Open XL C/C++ for z/OS (beta1): (link: z/OS betas)

IBM XL C/C++ and Fortran for AIX (beta1) &
IBM XL C/C++ and Fortran for Linux (beta3)

For more information on the beta programs, please contact:
Robert Barrington (rab@ca.ibm.com), Product Manger for C/C++ offering on z/OS, or,
Si Yuan Zhang (siyuan.zhang@cn.ibm.com), Product manager for C/C++ and Fortran offerings on Power