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New Compiler Beta Programs for z/OS - C/C++, Go and Python

By Robert Barrington posted Thu November 19, 2020 10:36 PM

IBM is excited to introduce new languages and advanced compiler technologies to z/OS in order to help clients build new applications and modernize existing critical applications. We are currently running beta programs for C/C++, Go and Python. Check out the details on these beta programs and how to participate, below.   Open XL C/C++ for z/OS (beta1)IBM Open XL C/C++ for z/OS (beta 1) showcases a 64-bit C/C++ compiler based on open source LLVM technology and runs on z/OS UNIX System Services. It supports C11 and C++17 language standards. To participate, please contact the offering manager for C/C++ on z/OS, Robert Barrington (rab@ca.ibm.com).Go on z/OS betaIn April 2020, IBM announced in a statement of direction regarding enabling Go on z/OS. Go is a general-purpose programming language for building large-scale complex software and is the language of cloud infrastructure such as Kubernetes, Docker, and OpenShift. Now you have the opportunity to try it out first-hand by participating in the Go on z/OS beta program. For more information, please contact the offering manager for Go on z/OS, James Tang (mfjtang@ca.ibm.com)IBM Open Enterprise Python for z/OS Vnext betaIBM Open Enterprise Python for z/OS is an industry standard Python compiler for the z/OS platform that leverages the latest z/Architecture instructions. Clients can take advantage of Python’s rich ecosystem of modules and packages to develop and run new applications, ranging from DevOps, system scripting, web development, data science and more.  Z clients can develop applications with Python on z/OS in the same way they would on any other platform, leveraging common skills that are widely available. This beta is based on the Python 3.9 community release. To participate, please contact the offering manager for IBM Open Enterprise Python for z/OS, Jennifer Rowan (jenrow@ca.ibm.com)We look forward to hearing your feedback on these beta offerings.