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Complimentary IBM i Security Quick Check

By Robert Andrews posted Wed October 13, 2021 04:45 PM


IBM is an industry leader in IT infrastructure security.  In the current IT threat landscape, all enterprises need to take steps to protect their vital systems from attacks, insider threats, and malware.  IBM’s Zero Trust framework is a business-first approach that encourages clients to modernize their security procedures and adapt to new risks from changing business environments.

IBM Systems Lab Services is excited to announce that they are further investing in our IBM i clients by offering a complimentary IBM i Security Quick Check*.  This service reviews over 1,000 data points on the IBM i system.  These include system-wide settings such as the network configuration and password policy, user profiles, their authority and privileges, and object-level authorities looking for unsecured files.

The results of this Security Quick Check include an approximately 50-page report and a color-coded risk dashboard.  This dashboard makes it very easy to see which items introduce the most risk into the environment and should be targeted first for remediation.  IBM Lab Service security experts are available to assist clients in that remediation process following the quick check, for a fee.  All of the report generation is done locally on your system and NO DATA or information is sent to or shared with IBM - it stays private on your system.

If you are interested in getting your complimentary IBM i Security Quick Check, reach out to your trusted IBM Systems Lab Service advisor.  If you are new to Lab Services, welcome!  Feel free to contact our security team directly at

IBM believes every enterprise needs to take the security risk seriously and is delighted to invest in our clients to make them safer.  For more details about IBM i Security Lab Services and Assets, visit our website.

*The Fine Print / Details
:  IBM Systems Lab Services makes this no cost offer for a one time, one IBM i LPAR quick check per company.  If your company has multiple LPARs to check, would like a comprehensive IBM i Security Assessment, or annual assessments, these services are available from Lab Services for a fee.  Any follow-on work, questions, discussion of results, or remediation efforts provided after the Quick Check are done so on a chargeable basis and are not part of the complimentary Quick Check.  IBM may revoke or change this offer at any time.  The Quick Check tool is provided “as-is” with no warranties.  Client assumes responsibility for system diagnosis and problem resolution for any hardware or software problems, or vendor compatibility issues.

When requesting your complimentary IBM i Security Quick Check, you will be provided a very shortly expiring (days) access code to run the assessment on a single partition.  Please do not request your personal access code until you are ready to run your Quick Check.

Technical Requirements:
  • IBM i operating system version 7.2 or above
  • English Language
  • A logon User Profile for installation with *ALLOBJ, *AUDIT, *IOSYSCFG, and *SECADM special authorities
  • System value QALWOBJRST set to *ALL
  • QSECOFR SST Profile must be enabled for CART to access SST information
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Tue April 05, 2022 04:58 AM

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