AIX Open Source

AIX Open Source Support Tips - Getting Started

By Jan Harris posted Mon October 12, 2020 06:13 PM


The AIX® Toolbox for Linux® Applications is the official IBM site for downloading AIX open source for Linux packages. This site contains many open source and GNU software packages built and tested for AIX IBM Systems.

Open Source RPM packages from the AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications are not supported through IBM support; however, an "AIX Open Source Software Group" is available on the IBM Community. This team provides best effort support for installing or configuring a Toolbox package, and will address requests for new packages to be added to the collection.

The following references should help you get started with AIX Open Source.

    Additionally, the following technotes might help avoid some common issues:
      * Note: This list may change as new releases occur. The plan is to simply update this blog page, if the list remains small.

    A) Dependent module errors (missing modules installed by rpm.rte libintl.a, libpopt.a,, libz.a, etc) with rpm.rte <

    B) Missing libraries installed by AIX OpenSSL file sets (openssl, crypto):  (Your issue may be resolved by running updtvpkg)

    C) Many dependencies required to install packages. (YUM is the recommended method)