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Latest Discussions

  • Over the years we have seen some issues where packages from AIX toolbox and base AIX have conflict. This happens because some of the open source rpm packages creates symlinks in /usr or install in /usr, sometime this causes overwriting of base AIX symlinks. ...

  • Welcome to the AIX Open Source Software Group. This is a group to ask question, share your best practices, exchange information related to open source software on AIX. Here you can raise any issue related to open source packages from AIX toolbox ...

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  • I downloaded the official GNU release, patched it to version 5.0.18, the same release IBM is distributing, and it is working fine. The GCC compilers and GNU Make were used to build this package. There is possibly something wrong with the version that ...

Latest Blogs

  • Aix Version: 7100-01-05-1228 Samba Version : samba-4.10.14 packages as the latest version has issues @ issues (1) libgcc root @xxxx: /ws/samba/SMBA $rpm -ivh *.rpm error: failed dependencies: libgcc = 8.3.0-1 is needed by libstdc++-8.3.0-1 rpmlib(PartialHardlinkSets) ...

  • This blog post provides an overview of improved multi version gcc support for AIX Toolbox. Currently AIX Toolbox provides an option to install multiple versions of gcc at the same time. Support was provided for gcc-6 and gcc-7 with the package ...

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  • The AIX® Toolbox for Linux® Applications is the official IBM site for downloading AIX open source for Linux packages. This site contains many open source and GNU software packages built and tested for AIX IBM Systems. Open Source ...

  • YUM plugins are the python modules provided with a separate package and these modules are loaded when yum starts. Individual package needs to be installed to enable the required plugins. This document explains basic functionality of each individual ...

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  • Hi After upgrade of SUDO i get this problem? Somebody that face this problem and have solutions ? sudo: error in /etc/sudo.conf, line 0 while loading plugin "sudoers_policy" sudo: unable to load /opt/freeware/libexec/sudo/ : 0509-022 ...

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