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  • Andrey, Ah yes, so is v17 the "newest" we can use without the "execution environments" then? Thanks, Steve ------------------------------ Steve Munday AIX, IBM i, HMC, PowerVM ------------------------------

  • Andrey, I had to play around with yum vs. dnf (I only have dnf loaded) and then hit the below issues: TASK [copy our required packages] *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** changed: ...

  • And I got it working. The Perzl rpm installs 4 binaries, one for each target, in /opt/freeware/bin and creates a symlink in /usr/bin/iozone to the AIX64-LF target. Some testing reveals that the 64bit targets won't work. It looks to me like they sigsegv ...

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  • Our AIX Toolbox for Open Source team has posted a blog overviewing the benefits of OpenBLAS on AIX with Power10 MMA acceleration. Matrix-Multiply Assist (MMA) exploitation in OpenBLAS on IBM AIX #Featured-area-2-home

  • The AIX Toolbox team recommends using DNF (the next-generation replacement for YUM) to install and manage Open Source software packages and dependencies from the AIX Toolbox. Some users are not able to install AIX Toolbox packages due to conflicting ...

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  • Overview A freeradius-pam allows any PAM-capable machine to become a RADIUS client for authentication and accounting requests. You will need a RADIUS server to perform the actual authentication. To make the AIX pam work we need to setup a pam server. ...

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  • One of the most common problems reported by AIX Toolbox for Open Source Applications users is failure to load dependent modules. For example, # curl --help (Note: the errors are enumerated for analysis) 1) exec(): ...

  • The following is an example of an installation failure due to a missing file. #dnf install iperf3 Error: Problem: cannot install the best candidate for the job - nothing provides libsctp.a(shr.o) needed by iperf3-3.10.1-1.ppc - nothing provides ...

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