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The pre-birth of the C++0x Standard.

By Archive User posted Mon March 29, 2010 08:07 AM


Originally posted by: Michael_Wong

As of March 26, a Final Committee Draft (FCD) has been sent to the ISO office. This contains all the updates from the last meeting in March, and addresses all the issues from the comments from CD1 from 2008. This will now be released for public comment until July 26, 2010 at which point we will spend the next 2-3 meetings addressing those comments. Comments to address defects are allowed at this stage, but not comments asking for new features.

This is a key stage in the C++0x Standard evolution to a final ratified Standard. If this stays on track, then a Final Draft International Standard will be ready for ratification in March 2011, with release into people's hands in 2012.