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    Posted 9 days ago

    I am doing on mobile version at Maximo. I created ALN domain with 12 values. I associated this ALN domain to my custom attribute SR.MXZCISVRSTA.

    In 1. COMBOX I have also ALN domain with 4 values. If I choose one value here for example user choose a room for example WC.. then in 2. COMBOX must see 5 values, and other 7 must be hidden. So because of this I created 6 condition expressions and set it to values which belongs. For example this we see here:

    So when I select value in 1. COMBOBOX where user select room or space.. then 2. COMBOBOX will not being refreshed, so for example user select at 1.COMBOBOX --> WC, then in 2 COMBOBOX must be visible 4 values instead 12. But there is no refresh and because of that user cant select properly value. 

    I tried in another way, instead 2. COMBOBOX I create TEXTFIELD with lookup: VALUELIST: after that there are values set correctly and when user select value in this lookup, then field with combobox is being refreshed and we see correct values..

    So any idea, why is not working this correctly for COMBOBOXES? Like I said textfield with lookup valuelist works.

    Blaz Rakar