Maximo Integration with Siemens Teamcenter

By Sarika Budhiraja posted Mon December 14, 2020 12:41 AM


IBM Maximo integration with Siemens Teamcenter is available through Experts Lab. This integration facilitates bringing accurate asset data such as Parts list, Bill of Materials, Specifications into Maximo for efficiently performing the asset maintenance. It enables a single, accurate product definition for all products and decreases time to value for the customers.

Architecture Overview

The IBM App Connect facilitates integration between the Teamcenter and Maximo. The IBM App Connect flow leverages the Teamcenter and Maximo connectors to call the APIs to get the data from Teamcenter and add or update data in Maximo. The App Connect flows can be imported as wrapper APIs. These APIs are used as endpoints in Maximo. The endpoints are configured through the Maximo Endpoints application. These endpoints get executed during the import data action in the Maximo.

Teamcenter integration in Maximo

There is an action “Import Digital Data” in the Assets application. When a user clicks on the action, the “Select Data Source” dialog is displayed. Select “Teamcenter” value. Click OK.

The following “Import Teamcenter Data” dialog is displayed.

Click on the Import icon to start the import in the background ground process. The following message gets displayed.

Click on the information icon to see the status of the data import.

Teamcenter data in Maximo

The following Teamcenter APIs are used to create data in Maximo:

  • Service BOM API gets data for asset/sub-assemblies and Spare Parts. This data gets mapped to Maximo Asset, Spare part, items/alternate items, and related objects.
  • Service PLAN API gets data for job plans and job tasks. This data gets mapped to Maximo Job Plan, Job Tasks, and related objects.

The “Import Data” creates the following data objects:

  • Item/alternate item records
  • Asset/Sub-assemblies with Spare part records
  • Job plan and Job task record with asset link record.

The App Connect flows provided the data mapping between the messages of the Teamcenter (source) system and the Maximo (target) system. The Maximo team center service uses MXAPIASSETSPARE, MXITEM, and MXAPIPLUSYJOBPLAN integration objects to add or update data.