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Looking for a Maximo tech note?

By Pam Denny posted Thu March 26, 2020 04:10 PM

Looking for a Maximo tech note?   Here's some best practice information to help you find the information you need!

1.  Access the Maximo Support Page

2.  Imagine you are looking for tech notes on Maximo QBR reporting

3.  In the top search field, enter the value of 'report'.

4.  Notice that over 2.5 million records are returned. 
The search is searching across all IBM tech notes that include the word 'tech' - even though you are in the Maximo Asset Management Support page.

5.  Now - narrow the search by inputting maximo report.   This time 17K results are returned.

6.  Further refine your search by entering maximo 76 qbr report.   This results in 51 results.

The key to a successful search is to enter as many keywords as possible to have the most applicable results returned to you in the most efficient manner.

Thank you!