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Announcing Maximo Asset Management

By Kim Woodbury posted Fri July 24, 2020 12:35 PM


I am very please to share that today, Friday, July 24, the latest feature pack for Maximo Asset Management was made available on fixcentral.    There are also several other Maximo releases being launched today the announcement letter for those offerings is available here where you can learn more about the Maximo Scheduler 7.6.8 enhancements including 2 new exciting applications for Graphical Work Week and Graphical Resource View.  

There are a number of customer enhancements and APAR’s delivered as part of the Maximo feature pack including over 550 APAR’s that are also fully documented in the accompanying readme file.

Some of the more noteworthy RFE’s include an updated drilldown with drag and drop features as well as the ability to drill down to related records like spare parts and PM’s.  New options for Attaching documents allows for multiple documents to be associated with a record simultaneously.   On the more technical side, OAuth2 is a supported email protocol and the PM cron task log has been updated to include additional details.

A few new capabilities around storerooms and inventory extends the use of storerooms to identify a hierarchy with default reordering settings that will apply to all items in a storeroom providing a true centralized/hub-and spoke methodology for inventory replenishment.    When creating new inventory items the ability to add those items to multiple storerooms with the same default information like manufacturer, model number and order/issue units saves data entry time and ensures accurate consistent information across the organization.    New capabilities have been introduced in the inventory work centers including pick and stage processes and intuitive reconciliation processing post inventory counting.

For a full list of features visit the What’s New in published today in the knowledge center here.

As always, there are platform currency additions and deprecation's.    We are now offering entitlement to Cognos Analytics 11.0.13 and continue to make it available as part of the Maximo bundle.   Because this update is delivered via fixcentral, you must access Passport Advantage in order to take advantage of the new Cognos version.   As of this release Maximo will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer, but will be adding the Microsoft-endorsed alternative, Edge Chromium to the support matrix.   Many other supported browsers have been verified against the latest versions including Chrome, Safari and FireFox.   

IBM database and app server, DB2 and WebSphere will be supported at the latest fix pack levels.  Those updates are also available through fix central.   Other database support updates include Oracle 19c and SqlServer 2017 and 2019. 

Always refer to the configuration matrix for the most up-to-date information on supported operating systems, databases and browsers.


There are also a number of offerings that have been refreshed at the 7.6.1 level to align with the rest of the portfolio in preparation for a 7.6.0 EOM/EOS announcement planned for September 2020.   This includes Life Sciences, Calibration, Utilities and Linear.     Nuclear has also released an interim feature release to include the new version of Calibration as well as an updated Cognos 11.0.13.   See this announcement letter here for more details.    For the offerings with planned releases later in Q3, Aviation, Transportation, Service Provider and ACM, the Cognos refresh will align with those release dates.





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