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Migration of IBM Power & Storage On-prem IBM i or AIX systems to The IBM Cloud!

Migration of IBM Power & Storage On-prem IBM i or AIX systems to The IBM Cloud! The easiest way to get started in migrating from your on-prem environment to the IBM Power Virtual Server cloud service would be to work to define the following 3 topics: 1.) Take care of Advanced...

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What is Multi-access Edge Computing?

Check out this new video from my friend and IBM Developer Advocate Dan Kehn as he explains multi-access edge computing. --Krista In this lightboard video, Dan Kehn with IBM Cloud, explains how multi-access edge computing is taking edge computing further to the outermost edge by placing...

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Open Source in the Cloud Era

This weekend has happened to be very entertaining. It was a very intense and useful experience exploring good articles about the Virtual Developer Week . And I also found a great report from O’Really and IBM done by Andy Oram called “ The value of Open Source in the Cloud Era ” . It...

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Callable flow capability in IBM App Connect requires actions to continue working

As part of IBM Cloud's continuing security improvements, the current certificates used for callable flow connectivity from on-premises systems to IBM Cloud, as part of the App Connect Enterprise capability on IBM Cloud, must be regenerated by 25th March 2021. If you do not regenerate the...

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Zero-trust security model in IBM cloud

Zero-trust is assuming security breaches will happen on each layer of a deployment: Internet, identity and access management, network, and encryption, just to name a few. Existing cloud applications rely as well on containers and the infrastructure use multi and hybrid cloud. So how will cloud...

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IBM Intelligent Video Analytics on Cloud

Video is the fastest-growing type of unstructured data . There are so many fields of work where video files are being continuously used. They are either recorded from fixed cameras or cameras in motion. At present, videos are also being used as an integral part of situational awareness as well...

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Using Cloud Foundry APIs on IBM Cloud

Using CloudFound APIs on IBM Cloud: To work with the IBM Cloud Services we mostly use the IAM API Keys or Access tokens to authenticate first. In similar way to work with Cloud Foundry (CF) applications and services of IBM Cloud using either cli or API , we have to authenticate first...

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