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IBM App Connect: [“What’s New?”] Introducing Preview Mode for Mapping intelligent suggestions from AI enabled Mapping Assist.

Contributors: Thanmayi Mruthyunjaya, Nagarjuna Surabathina, Matu Agarwal Mapping Assist introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in IBM App Connect to accelerate the speed of integration development, shorten time to value, and improve the overall user experience by providing...

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IBM AppConnect [What’s New]: Customised map suggestions from AI-powered Mapping Assist based on user flow history

Contributors: Saptarshi Misra , Dhiraj Kumar Mishra Mapping Assist introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in IBM App Connect to accelerate the speed of development, shorten time to value and improve overall user experience by providing intelligent data map...

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How IBM's Automation Document Processing can help utility bill payment automation

Please also read Part I of this blog ' Leverage the power of Low Code and AI to automate your document processing ' written by Allen Chan , CTO of IBM Digital Business Automation. IBM's Automation Document Processing is a set of AI-powered services that can read unstructured documents, refine...

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Resources for your team to get started with designing for AI

Many times teams struggle with how to start with Artificial Intelligence (AI) - how do you design the right applications and still be user-centered? What is the intent behind using AI? Does everyone on the team align on what AI is and how to best utilize it? IBM has several resources to get you...

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4 Cloud Trends Tech Leaders Need to Know (Part 1) Operationalizing artificial intelligence

With the shift of workforces online in 2020, Chief Technology Officers pivoted IT priorities to shoring up availability, back-up and disaster recovery capabilities. In general, the pace of digital transformation increased during the pandemic. An intention to take advantage of that momentum,...

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How AI-powered automation is giving people superhuman abilities

By lifting the burden of low-value tasks and offering people unprecedented powers to do high-value work, modern automation can make time for brilliance #Highlights-home #Highlights #ai #ArtificialIntelligence(AI) #automation #BusinessMethodology #Highlights #Highlights-home

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Using AI to Process Documents featured on “Two Questions About Automation”

While AI-powered automation is being touted as an emerging technology for public and private organizations to improve processes, strengthen security and advise employees, IBM Content Services is already incorporating Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to automate document...

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How anyone can use deep learning to turn unstructured content into actionable data with IBM Automation Document Processing

We understand automation will make our businesses more profitable and free up time to focus on high value tasks. We also know that data scientists can build sophisticated models to make this happen, but they are in high demand and have too many projects to tackle. Meanwhile, businesses...

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