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Custom e-mail notifications for your provider organisation

One of the really useful but somewhat hidden features available in API Connect is the ability to customise the e-mail notifications that it will send to you and your developers at the provider organisation level - allowing you to have different notifications for different audiences across your...

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Avoid delays from validate compilation in your APIs

When re-publishing an API with validation steps in it, you may well see that the first call to the API experiences higher latency than subsequent calls. This is due to the following as described in the documentation : Schemas are compiled before they are used for validation. Because the...

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Using IBM App Connect in a containerised environment(CP4I) to interact with IBM MQ

IBM MQ supports the exchange of information between applications, systems, services, and files by sending and receiving message data via messaging queues. This simplifies the creation and maintenance of business applications. IBM MQ works with a broad range of computing platforms and can be...

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Best Practice – Monetizing API Products

Treating API offerings as a Product and Monetization continue to be very hot topics. Recently I participated in an API-as-a-Product Livecast hosted by Nordic APIs where this was the focus. I have previously written about both API Product and Monetization as independent topics but...

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Customising the API invocation hostname in v10 Reserved Instance

Once you have your APIs ready to be used but before sharing them with developers if is often key to have them served on your own hostname rather than the built in hostnames that come out of the box with reserved instance. For Reserved Instance v10 you can now manage the hostname used for API...

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Monitoring IBM MQ queue depth in Cloud Pak for Integration

To simplify operational monitoring and alerting on Red Hat OpenShift the IBM MQ Certified Container that is delivered in Cloud Pak for Integration emits a range of queue manager (server) scope metrics using a Prometheus interface that is consumed by the OpenShift monitoring tools. Alongside...

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Sprint Themes- Injecting “Fun” into your Agile Teams

Sprint Themes- Injecting “Fun” into your Agile Teams Greetings! This is the first in a series of blogs that focus on Agile teams. The hope is to share information and practices in an effort to make Agile teaming more efficient and productive, while injecting some...

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The Best Programming Language for Mobile App Development

Are you looking for some details on how to code for the development of a mobile app? That’s an interesting thing to do. But before you step ahead, you need to choose the programming language . There are so many types of mobile apps. Some of these are called native mobile apps and these are...

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