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Cloud Pak for Integration 2020.4.1 install runthrough.

As Leif announced, Cloud Pak for Integration's 4Q release 2020.4.1 GAed on Friday. Every component of Cloud Pak for Integration is built to be 100% kubernetes native, deployed and managed by Operators, and delivered using what I describe as an 'appstore-like' experience out of the...

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Lightweight approach to create a custom image for deploying App Connect on OpenShift

This article provides step by step instruction on how to create a custom image for App Connect on OpenShift without the overhead of creating and maintaining a separate image registry or build automation toolchain. When deploying an App Connect integration on OpenShift, you have a choice between...

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Integration Development to Micro Services Principles on OpenShift – Part 3

Published on April 1, 2020 Introduction Modern platforms, DevOps tooling and agile approaches have accelerated the rate at which organizations can bring new applications and business function to bare. At IBM we see no reason why integration developers cannot derive many of...

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IBM App Connect ‘Mapping Assist’- Putting AI to Work for Your Business

Author: Matu Agarwal Published on June 24, 2020 IBM App Connect includes AI-powered Mapping Assist to dramatically accelerate the speed of development, shorten time to value, and improve your overall user experience. Mapping Assist uses a pre-trained AI algorithm to...

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IBM App Connect: Developing Integrations with Mapping Assist

Nagarjuna Surabathina Published on June 29, 2020 In the world of integration, data mapping is a key step since the domain itself deals with a wide variety of aligned tasks like data transformation and data mediation between various heterogeneous data sources and similar...

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IBM App Connect: Kickstarting the Journey Towards an Artificial Intelligence Future

Mudit Mehrotra Published on June 29, 2020 The goals and how they were derived AI provides enormous amounts of value in multiple industries. Because of its high value potential, many companies have been scrambling to implement AI within their organizations. And the...

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Join the open data revolution with the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Published on June 9, 2020 Open banking is just the start of a wider revolution Open banking is a global movement empowering end customers to do more with their financial data. It opens opportunities for re-thinking business processes in many industries, extending its...