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Resources for your team to get started with designing for AI

By Stephanie Wilkerson posted Wed March 24, 2021 01:20 AM


Many times teams struggle with how to start with Artificial Intelligence (AI) - how do you design the right applications and still be user-centered? What is the intent behind using AI? Does everyone on the team align on what AI is and how to best utilize it?

IBM has several resources to get you started with designing for AI.

Team Essentials for AI

IBM has launched a course that marries traditional Design Thinking methods with AI and this course is named Team Essentials for AI

The great news is that Team Essentials for AI is temporarily free and the course is located at this location:    

The description of the course states "This course will give you the framework and tools you need to recognize responsible AI design, align your team, and work with data sources to start building an AI solution today." The course centers around a case study and prepares the learner to run an AI workshop to align all team members. 

The course uses the AI framework of Intent, Data and Policy, Understanding, Reasoning and Knowledge. 

Before taking this course, you should get your Design Thinking Practitioner badge (also temporarily free) located here. This course is helpful to entire teams, but does have pre-requisites, so might be best suited for Designers on a team.

IBM Design for AI

Not ready for a course yet? or don't think the course fits your role?   IBM has a resource website, called  IBM Design for AI site.

This site is for is a great resource for everyone on an AI team including  Developers and Designers.

This site takes you through the 5 areas summarized below:

Fundamentals: This section details the approach to AI and provides models to align with teams. Putting the user above all else is still the key when designing for AI and we still aim to improve experiences. 

Team Essentials:  Team essentials details the AI framework as well as giving more details about the Team Essentials course.

Basics:  This area is described as "technical guides for non-technical people." It outlines AI, Machine Learning, and Data.

Ethics:  Ethics outlines IBM's view on ethical design for AI. This section is updated as IBM gets feedback and more information from users and teams, but the content can also be shared with teams in PDF form linked at the bottom of the site. 

Conversation: The last section outlines conversation and conversation planning. Conversation planning has a guide that could be used with Robotic Process Automation (IBM RPA) to design and create bots. 

As we start adding more AI to our products and into our lives, we hope you find these various resources helpful in your AI journey.