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Cloud Pak for Integration free 45 day trial on Red Hat Marketplace

By Robert B Nicholson posted Tue December 22, 2020 05:17 AM


Recently quite a few people have asked me what is the easiest way to get Cloud Pak for Integration onto an Openshift Cluster. 

Cloud Pak for Integration has been available to either purchase or as a free 45 day trial on the Red Hat Marketplace  since it was announced for version 2020.3.1.  but of course this support is not tied to a release and applies equally to the new Extended Update Support version 2020.4.1.

The trial is really easy to use.  It assumes that you have an Openshift Container Platform cluster somewhere so that you can run the trial on. This could be either a cluster you have running in your datacentre or a one provisioned in a cloud, such as using the Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud managed service.  The trial requires that you have a Red Hat account but its really easy to click through and create one, and if you already have an IBM account, your redhat account is created from your IBM account. An important detail here is that the trial is currently only open to Red Hat Accounts registered in North America. 

Once you have logged in with a Red Hat Account, you are able to "install the Operator" onto your cluster.  To do this you have to "register your cluster" to Red Hat Marketplace. What this does is add the Red Hat Marketplace operator to your cluster and link it. 

Once this is done your target cluster will show up in your list of clusters in Martketplace.

Once this is done, you can either install the operator direct from the marketplace:

Or else you can simply access your cluster's dashboard and install from the OperatorHub in the same way I show in the Cloud Pak For Integration 2020.4.1 Installation video