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IBM Champion Spotlight: Ruchi Yadav

By Namitha K posted Mon April 08, 2024 08:45 AM


Meet our new Automation Champion Ruchi Yadav, who has been recognised as one of the Top 50 Women in Tech, a prestigious list launched by Abelia and ODA-Nettverk for 2024 in Norway. Ruchi is a dynamic Integration Consultant working at Avella AS, combining her Ph.D. in Engineering with a passion for streamlining business processes using technology. With expertise in IBM App Connect, and API Connect, she excels in connecting applications and systems. Ruchi authors a blog where she advocates for various IBM products within her expertise.

Read one of her latest blogs about watsonx, “IBM Watson and watsonx: Revolutionizing Business with AI-Powered Solutions” in which she explains why watsonx is a significant milestone in the journey of AI in the business world.


"I love IBM's commitment towards Open-source on their AI and LLM trajectory. By integrating open-source models and tools like Caikit, PyTorch and KServe with, IBM is lowering the barrier to entry for enterprise AI adoption. Companies don't need to build everything from scratch; they have a strong, customisable foundation to work with."


Among the diverse product options from IBM, Ruchi’s favorite is IBM Cloud Pak for Integration: “This versatile platform streamlines the complex process of integrating applications, data, and services across cloud and on-premises environments. Its ability to enable seamless connectivity and accelerate digital transformation, while ensuring security and scalability, sets it apart as a pivotal solution in today's fast-paced tech landscape”. She is a valuable member of the Community with her invaluable contributions; “My preferred form of advocacy centres around community engagement. I find immense satisfaction in assisting others, creating an environment of mutual support and knowledge sharing. Additionally, I am passionate about content creation, particularly blogging on, where I can express my thoughts and insights, connecting with a broader audience to inspire and inform”.

“I'm driven to give back to the technology community out of a profound respect for the collective wisdom and innovation it represents. Each contribution I make is a small part of a larger collaborative effort, a synergy that I find deeply fulfilling. Becoming an IBM Champion was an unexpected honour, reflecting not just my own efforts but the supportive and inspiring environment that the tech community nurtures”

In her enriched professional journey, she has many significant accomplishments. One achievement she holds close to her heart is the development of a sensor during her Ph.D. thesis that could detect the early onset of epileptic seizures, a feat accomplished before similar biometric alerts became a feature in devices like the Apple Watch; “My role involved not only designing this innovative sensor but also engineering it into a practical wearable device. Additionally, I was tasked with the crucial responsibility of convincing stakeholders of its potential impact, a challenge that required not just technical expertise but also a deep understanding of its life-changing applications. This experience was not only a testament to my skills in technology and innovation but also a journey that honed my abilities in persuasion and real-world application”.

She is a spirited individual with a determination of making a change in the world, whether she is a part of the technology world or not: “If my journey hadn't led me to the realms of technology, my dreams would have found their expression in diverse yet equally fulfilling paths. One road might have seen me as a social worker, weaving the fabric of change with compassion and resilience, touching lives and nurturing communities. Another path could have led me to the courts of justice, where, as a lawyer, I'd champion the causes of the voiceless, balancing the scales with truth and integrity. Or perhaps, in a more colourful avenue, as a professional makeup artist, I'd have revelled in the art of transformation, empowering individuals to see and express their unique beauty. Each of these dreams holds a piece of my passion for making a difference, in whatever canvas life offers”.

Lightning round:

  •      What would be your superpower and why? My superpower would be the gift of flourishing empathy, turning acts of kindness into blooms that spread beauty and understanding, creating a world where compassion is as natural and abundant as wildflowers in spring.
  •       Ice cream or cake? Ice Cream
  •       Cats or dogs? Definitely Cats
  •       Summer or winter? Summer in Norway & Winters in India
  •       Morning or evening? Evening
  •       eBook or paper book? Paper Book
  •       TV shows or movies? Movies
  •       A night out or a night in? Night out
  •       Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? Dip a toe 
  •       Go-to karaoke song? Last Christmas
  •       Drive or fly? Fly

Connect with Ruchi in LinkedIn, GitHub and Community Page.