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IBM Champions Spotlight: Fredric Travaglia

By Namitha K posted Wed January 31, 2024 05:17 AM


Meet the IBM Champion Fredric Travaglia, who is a Business Architect at Epical and has been an IBM Champion for last 2 years! With a wide grasp of different technologies and their application, he strives to find the best solution for each problem with the overall end result in mind. Following 15 years in the ERP business, he has worked with IBM Cloud and Business Automation for the past 10 years, and continuously works to find new ways to promote and explain the benefits of technology in business. His favourite IBM product is IBM Cloudpak for Integration. According to him, “it’s versatile, powerful and practically all-encompassing when it comes to enterprise integration requirements”. He prefers occasions where he can meet other technology experts and share experiences like BootCamps, UserGroup meetings, TechXChange and Think events.

When asked about the reason behind contributing to the technology community and being a Champion, he says: “I think the IBM culture and spirit carries innovation and knowledge transfer at heart – the reward lies in seeing clever solutions come to life and use in the real-world, solving problems and enabling businesses in all industries and sectors. It makes it compelling and motivating to be part of the Team!”.

He adds, “I think the key to an interesting and stimulating career is to keep your curiosity vivid and continue learning new stuff along the way; ideas, concepts, ways of working, technology – and to see opportunities rather than risks in the changes that come along the way.”

He says that the IBM Champions program is a great way to gather insight and participate in discussions beyond the application of IBM solutions and learning more about cutting edge technology in general; “It’s warm, friendly and a great community – you won’t regret applying/accepting a nomination!”.

Lightning round:

What would be your superpower and why?  Mindreader (just imagine the possibilities, world peace, 

Ice cream or cake?  Ice cream

Cats or dogs? Cats

Summer or winter? Winter

Morning or evening? Evening

eBook or paper book? Paper

TV shows or movies?  TV show

A night out or a night in?  Night in (cooking!)

Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? Dip a toe

Go-to karaoke song? We are the champions (Queen)

Drive or fly?  Fly (usually more exciting destinations)

Connect with Fredric in LinkedIn and Community page.