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IBM Champion Spotlight: Khaled Raad

By Namitha K posted Tue November 21, 2023 10:43 AM


In our latest IBM Champion Spotlight, let us get to know Khaled Raad, a Senior System Engineer at Neoleap, to delve into his journey in the technology realm, his favourite IBM products, and the driving force behind his active involvement in the technology community!

Khaled's tech arsenal boasts Cloud Pak for Integrations and Instana as his preferred IBM products. According to him, Cloud Pak for Integrations stands out for its robust set of tools in building and managing integrations within a cloud-native environment. Meanwhile, Instana serves as a powerful observability and monitoring solution, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability across applications and infrastructure. For Khaled, these products are key players in steering digital transformation and elevating operational efficiency.

While Khaled appreciates all forms of advocacy, his heart lies in engaging with the community. The exchange of knowledge, collaboration on problem-solving, and the camaraderie forged with fellow professionals are sources of immense fulfilment. This form of advocacy, he believes, propels collective advancement within the dynamic technology landscape.

Khaled's commitment to giving back to the technology community stems from the pivotal role it played in his professional growth. He emphasises the power of knowledge sharing and the positive impact it can have on both individuals and the industry at large. Becoming an IBM Champion provided him with a platform to amplify his contributions and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for technology and community building.

A standout achievement for Khaled is successfully leading a team in implementing a complex OpenShift migration project. The project involved migrating a monolithic legacy application to a microservices architecture on OpenShift. The collaboration with development and operations teams, overcoming technical challenges, and witnessing the transformative impact on scalability and performance made it a truly gratifying experience!

In a parallel universe where technology isn't his forte, Khaled's dream job would be in astrophysics! He says, “Exploring the mysteries of the universe and unravelling the secrets of the cosmos has always fascinated me”.

As IBM Champion nominations open, here is what he wants to tell the prospects: “I would encourage anyone interested in the IBM Champion program to take the leap and nominate themselves or someone they know. Being an IBM Champion opens doors to a vibrant and supportive community of technology enthusiasts, thought leaders, and experts. It provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, networking, and collaboration. Embrace the chance to share your knowledge, make a difference in the community, and inspire others on their technology journey”.

Lightning Round:

* Superpower of Choice: Teleportation for the freedom to explore the world instantly.

* Ice Cream or Cake: Ice Cream

* Cats or Dogs: None

* Summer or Winter: Winter

* Morning or Evening: Morning

* eBook or Paper Book: eBook

* TV Shows or Movies: TV Shows

* Night Out or Night In: Night In

* Pool Entry Style: Dip a toe in first

* Karaoke Song: "I would love to"

* Mode of Travel: Drive

Khaled Raad's journey is a testament to the enriching experiences and opportunities that technology advocacy can bring. As he continues to contribute to the community, his story serves as an inspiration for those looking to make a mark in the ever-evolving tech landscape!

Khaled has recently hit 10,000 followers in LinkedIn and he is really excited to share the news with the community!

Connect with Khaled in LinkedIn, X and Community Page

Want to be a part of the community of IBM Champions? You can jump on the path through the IBM Rising Champions advocacy badge program or nominate to become a 2024 IBM Champion through the end of November 2023.