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Announcing the AWS Quick Start for Cloud Pak for Integration on AWS!

By Matt Roberts posted Thu November 12, 2020 05:24 AM

It gives me great pleasure to announce the availability of the AWS Quick Start for Cloud Pak for Integration on AWS!

Our Cloud Pak for Integration team have been working very closely with our partners at AWS to deliver this new Quick Start, which wraps best practices from both AWS and from IBM into a single easy-to-use template that deploys the Cloud Pak for Integration into a production grade multi availability-zone topology in Amazon EC2 with a single click!

We hope that you find this AWS Quick Start useful - firstly to help you get up and running quickly and easily with the Cloud Pak for Integration on AWS, but also as a great example of how to architect your own deployment in AWS if you decide to do it yourself.

We'd love you to give the Quick Start a try, and we look forward to hearing your feedback via comments on this post!

Want to know more - read on!
To get started, simply navigate your browser to the AWS Quick Start for Cloud Pak for Integration on AWS or go to the AWS Quick Start catalog and search for "IBM Integration", and you'll see the following page;

The "What you'll build" section is opened for you by default and includes the architecture diagram that illustrates the deployment topology;
Cloud Pak for Integration Quick Start architecture diagram
The Quick Start will set up the following in the AWS account and region that you specify;
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) cluster spread across three availability zones (or just one AZ if you prefer)
  • OpenShift Container Storage (OCS) to provide replicated persistent storage across the AZs, backed by AWS EBS in each zone
  • EC2 instances of the type and size that you specify, configured as OCP worker nodes into which you can deploy your Integration capabilities and runtimes
  • OpenShift Operators for each of the Cloud Pak for Integration capabilities that make it easy to deploy and manage instances of any of the Integration components in a consistent fashion
  • The Cloud Pak for Integration "Platform Navigator" to allow you to easily manage instances through your web browser

To deploy the Quick Start, switch to the "How to deploy" tab and click one of the two simple options as follows which will bring up the form to allow you to configure the input parameters for the AWS CloudFormation template that controls the deployment;
  • Deploy into a new VPC
  • Deploy into an existing VPC

In the "How to deploy" tab you can also click on the button to "View deployment guide for details", which contains extensive information and guidance on how to use the Quick Start - including how to obtain free trial entitlement for each of the components, or how you can apply your existing purchased entitlement if you wish.

Now it's even easier to run the Cloud Pak for Integration on AWS, so why don't you try it out today!