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Change to do business better with IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

By Leif Davidsen posted Thu April 29, 2021 07:30 AM


For more than a year now businesses round the world have had to adapt and change faster and more extensively than many would have believed possible. Some businesses were impacted hard even if they were able to change their IT processes and services to meet the new reality. Other businesses were able, through extensive changes, to find new ways to engage with customers, to deliver and provide goods and services and to make the most of the opportunities.


Now we are starting to see the world slowly looking to move to a new future, with the worst of the pandemic hopefully behind us in some geographies, and those areas where there are still terrible impacts, there is the promise of a better time ahead. But how to seize the opportunities provided by this ebbing away of the pandemic? Maybe by striving to effect change to exploit the new environment with as much focus as some businesses did to ensure they could respond to the challenges of the pandemic?


Historically, integration, while essential has been seen as an obstacle to success. The traditional, systematic and manual approach was blamed for slowing down new deployments. Even though the integration in place might deliver high quality outcomes, the integration department lacked the pace and innovation of other business teams. Recent innovations in IBM Cloud Pak for Integration have been changing that experience for businesses which have already seen success in deployment.


Every business is different and so sometimes reading about another company’s success isn’t helpful. Maybe your challenges are different? Maybe your industry faces different pressures? My experience is that no matter the industry, or the specifics of a business, there are many similarities of experience that mean most customers are more alike than they would expect.


The recurring needs in terms of integration can be broken down into 3 broad categories:

  • Rapidly enabling the creation and deployment of new engaging applications in support of new opportunities and changes in business behaviour
    1. API driven integrations presenting timely and updated data to customers through seamless interactions with back-end applications and data sources
  • Enhancing integration outcomes by reducing time to build, deploy and update integrations, and lowering costs by removing and reducing the barriers of skills and resources needed to create and manage integrations
    1. Tooling built for low-code or no-code integrations, with smart connectors to back-end applications, repositories for asset reuse and AI powered smart mapping
  • Ensuring that integrations are secure, reliable, scalable and available
    1. End-to-end secure gateways and messaging to protect your data and business, with cloud native scaling and high availability to keep your data and transactions moving and completing.


If these are common themes that seem familiar to you then you should see benefits from Cloud Pak for Integration. What benefits might you expect?

Maybe like Helsinki Regional Transport Authority you want to transition from traditional VM deployments to microservices architecture to provide scalability, disaster recovery, faster production deployment and faster testing?


Maybe like Sura Peru you are hoping for Application deployment up to 90% faster and 5x faster response times?


Perhaps like Tabadul you would like the time taken to develop new features reduced by 2/3?


The many capabilities of Cloud Pak for Integration can help address every aspect of integration and drive your business forward. With automation, and even AI helping to improve each step of the integration lifecycle, from design and deployment, to operation and updates, your business is primed for improvements as described in the case studies above. Maybe your experience will be the next to be written up?


If you want your business to make changes, and to move forward successfully as the world opens again; If you want to stop doing ‘business as usual’ and to start doing ‘business better’ then talk to your IBM rep or business partner today about Cloud Pak for Integration. Listen to one of our many webinars. It’s time to change your integration for the better.