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Third Thursday Recap: Exploring IBM App Connect Enterprise as a Service - Recording Now Available!

By Gabriel Marte Blanco posted Mon May 22, 2023 04:34 PM


"API-led connectivity" is one of those phrases that has been generating significant buzz recently, yet many people are unsure what it truly means. Let's quickly delve into its definition and significance.

API-led connectivity is a modern way to integrate applications and data through reusable APIs. It replaces the overly complex point-to-point integration style to enable a more flexible, scalable, and agile architecture.

API-led connectivity has major benefits to an organization, as it allows for the following:

  • reduce complexity and cost of integration by leveraging APIs as the building blocks of integration,

  • improve speed and accuracy of integration systems and data to serve multiple business purposes,

  • gain better visibility and control over data allowing organizations to implement stronger security governance measures,

  • adapt faster to changing business requirements & technological advancements.

The API-led approach delivers multi-dimensional value in enterprise connectivity:

  • Reusable API Connectivity: Create APIs once, and reuse them many times in different contexts to serve multiple business needs across the enterprise, reduce costs & increase productivity.

  • Integration of Apps and Data Using Existing APIs: Integrate business apps and systems faster across the enterprise by discovering and consuming existing APIs into integration flows.

  • Unified authoring of New APIs Across Teams: Accelerate integration initiatives using a collaborative authoring process across business technologists, integration specialists & API developers.

But you are only hearing that from me - How about we hear it from our team of experts as they introduce us to API-led connectivity and spill the beans on the new developments for IBM App Connect Enterprise as a Service. Watch below as we talk all things IBM App Connect enterprise as a service, including:

Don't forget to get your very own free 30-day trial of IBM App Connect SaaS here and IBM API Connect on AWS here.

Don't forget to get your very own free 30-day trial of IBM App Connect SaaS here and IBM API Connect on AWS here.

Here are some other resources that will help you in your API-led connectivity journey: