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APIs are the building blocks of Integration – an intro to API-led Connectivity

By Annelise Morgan posted Fri May 05, 2023 05:14 PM


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That’s how many APIs an organization has in place on average so it’s no surprise effective creation, management, and security of APIs is more critical than ever. This growth in the usage of APIs isn’t limited to just one industry or use case, in fact we’re seeing dozens of examples across the market including:

  • Finance: European Fintech leverages APIs to provide digital on-boarding for Know Your Customer regulations to hundreds of banks with 6x new customer conversion

  • Healthcare: Internationally renowned clinical lab leading efforts to provide testing results via APIs for improved response time and accessibility of data

  • Automotive: Multinational Fortune 50 car manufacturer offers APIs to connected cars, improves driving experience, enables partners with vehicle data

  • Retail: An international retailer provides digital distribution channel for affiliate revenue from customer referrals via open API portal


As a result, organizations have a clear need for a solution that can facilitate creating APIs once, reusing in different contexts to serve multiple business needs across the enterprise such as providing to external partners & consumers as new digital channels, reducing costs across the business, & increasing productivity of all workers.


IBM App Connect and IBM API Connect have got you covered!

We want to introduce you to our new unified API authoring experience available through IBM App Connect and IBM API Connect. Now you can seamlessly create APIs and build backend implementations as integration flows without navigating between product services. You can mock, create, test, secure and socialize your APIs. This simplifies the authoring experience across user personas and creates a powerful iPaaS solution for API-led connectivity, offering organizations a comprehensive solution for their API management and application integration needs. These combined capabilities enable businesses to innovate, scale, and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape, ensuring they stay competitive and agile in today's fast-paced business world.

Get started yourself with dual trials of API Connect here and App Connect here for 30 days. 

And, check out our visual below to see how unified authoring can support your entire organization:


What does this mean for my business?

An API-led approach delivers multi-dimensional value in enterprise connectivity and productivity.

  1. Create APIs once, reuse many times in different contexts to serve multiple business needs across the enterprise, reducing costs & increasing productivity.

  2. Integrate business applications and systems faster across the enterprise by discovering and consuming existing APIs into integration flows all in one view. 

  3. Accelerate integration initiatives like modernizing the business suite or creating a 360-degree client view using a collaborative authoring process across business technologists, integration specialists & API developers.

What’s unique about IBM’s point of view on API-led connectivity?

With IBM’s iPaaS, we take a very modular approach to all of our capabilities so that users only have to purchase the services they need for their use cases. Our differentiated approach enables customers to maximize the value of their spend while still realizing the benefit of our best-in-class ecosystem of capabilities. Users of multiple IBM products within our iPaaS suite can leverage key synergies, particularly through our new unified authored experience across API Mgmt & App Integration to facilitate collaboration between different team members or streamline work on complementary integration services. 

Where can I learn more?

Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, May 23rd, at 9 am EST where our product SMEs and technical experts will be showcasing our new unified authoring experience. Register here!