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New Series: Eileen Lowry Talks Integration in “The Innovation Conversation with Bill Lobig”

By DAVID Jenness posted Wed October 19, 2022 01:27 PM


Eileen Lowry is Vice President of Product Management for IBM Integration.  She recently joined Bill Lobig, IBM’s VP of Product Management of IBM Automation, in the debut of the new series “The Innovation Conversation” to talk about what’s different about IBM Integration.

What is Innovation?  According to the International Standards Organization (ISO), ISO 56000:2020 defines innovation as "a new or changed entity realizing or redistributing value." There’s a lot to unpack in that short definition, but the words “new” and “value” are essential. Eileen focused on a couple of new developments in the sprawling Integration portfolio that provide IBM customers with differentiated value.

She touches on such topics as AI/Natural Language Understanding to help users identify the best way to achieve business outcomes through Integration. The new Goal Oriented Flow Assist (GOFA) capability enables a person to describe in their own words what they are trying to connect, which then triggers a series of templates to accelerate the Integration process and map fields to make sure data is passed between systems accurately and smoothly. “It’s all aimed towards democratization to expand the kind of users that can get hands-on with Integration technology,” she says.

Another new source of value, according to Eileen, is Autotest Assist, which gives API and Application Developers a helping hand in creating new cases to test APIs and suggest ways to enhance and even future proof their APIs.

She also discusses the new API Connect on AWS release, which brings IBM Integration technology right into the Hyperscaler environments where new applications and integrations are being developed today. 

When it comes to new value, Eileen points out that using Artificial Intelligence to expand the types of users who can leverage Integration is the difference. “Expanding from traditional IT user to the business-type of user is extremely game changing for Integration. Integration technology has been behind the scenes for so long. This is the opportunity to go on offense with integration to change and transform your business.”

Listen in on the Innovation Conversation and see what you think.