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Migrating data from native HDFS to IBM Spectrum Scale based shared storage

Data is growing exponentially. IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM Spectrum Scale Elastic Server is an enterprise solution that is able to ingest and manipulate data seamlessly under one namespace for existing workloads and new workloads like Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning. This...

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Making Data Simple: Kansas City Keynote

"Host Al Martin, IBM VP of Hybrid Data Management & Client Success, and Sam Lightstone, CTO for Data, IBM Fellow & Master Inventor, present their Kansas City Techweek keynote. They go over what it means to make data ready for AI, become data-driven and acquire growth. They deliver key...

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Making Data Simple: Episode 41 - Big Data, Cloud and Cognitive with Paul Zikopolous

" Paul Zikopolous, VP of big data cognitive systems at IBM, joins us to discuss tactics for both career and personal growth. Paul is also an established author and public speaker and leverages experiences gained through those pursuits in the advice he gives. Have a pen and paper ready as there...

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Big Data and Analytics (BD&A) Deployment - What is the best option out there?

There has been a lot of buzz around Hortonworks HDP platform with IBM Spectrum Scale . That is because this duo combination is a killer one which brings best of the two worlds together : Formula for Big Data and Analytic Deployment: Hortonworks (among the leading big data and analytic...

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Shocking Data Dashboard Confession: “I’ve Deceived You”

Shocking Data Dashboard Confession: "I've Deceived You" Years of mistaking correlation for causation When your data dashboard reaches full AI maturity, it will have to apologize: “Sorry I’ve been deceiving you.” Without you knowing, it’s delivered years of misinformation. That...

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Learn SPSS Statistics at the Big Data University in Chinese Edition

The BIG DATA UNIVERSITY Chinese Edition will be delivered this May, and now the Beta version is available. We are launching our free training about statistical analysis technology and in this training you will learn the basic of IBM SPSS Statistics including programmability. The...

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Discover what’s new in IBM SPSS software: On-demand webinars highlight latest enhancements

Succeeding in the new insight economy demands that organizations become data-driven by tapping into diverse data sets for insights into customers, markets and competitors. It’s about using knowledge gained from all types of structured and unstructured data, from both traditional and new sources,...

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