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UrbanCode 10 Minute Tip: Managing the Resource Tree

Organising the Resource Tree is a very important task that needs to be tackled early on if you are to avoid pain later. Managing the resource tree in UCD can be painful if you don't get it right early on. From a general user's point of view, things aren't that complicated since...

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The Best Programming Language for Mobile App Development

Are you looking for some details on how to code for the development of a mobile app? That’s an interesting thing to do. But before you step ahead, you need to choose the programming language . There are so many types of mobile apps. Some of these are called native mobile apps and these are...

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Blueworks Live at Scale – Hints and Tips

Blueworks Live at Scale – Hints and Tips As your organisation’s use of Blueworks Live grows you will need to put some processes and procedures in place to manage scaling. The following are some guidelines that will help you to establish an effective system that can manage a large portfolio of...

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Metadata Modeling Best Practice... is here now!

Looking for some best practice guidelines on how to model your metadata in Cognos Analytics Data Module? Then read on.... Metadata modeling has been a large part of using Cognos, all the way back from ReportNet through Cognos BI 8 and 10 and it's still fully integrated into Cognos Analytics 11....

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