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AIOps with Rama Akkiraju

Jerry is joined by IBM Fellow and one of Forbes’ “Top 20 Women in AI Research” Rama Akkiraju. They discuss AI for IT Operations (AIOps) and the incredible automation potential it has in the very near future. Rama introduces the idea of a “digital teammate” and explains how it all comes together...

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Watson NLU

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What's Going On With These New Watson Endpoints?

As a Worldwide Customer Success Manager for the Watson products, I talk to Watson users all day. They usually have issues and problems that are common with other Watson users and customers - so when I run into one of these “common” issues, I like to blog about it so others can avoid making...

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Avoid the chaos with integrated cognitive technology

Co-Authors Rob Phippen and Mithun Katti Table of Contents 1 Storms can cause chaos – for insurance customers and insurance companies! 2 Avoid the chaos with integrated cognitive technology. 3 The integrated solution architecture. 1 Storms can cause chaos...

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