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Video Blog: Learn How NCSA & IBM Use AI to Solve Real-World Problems

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications' Center for Artificial Intelligence at University of Illinois just published this video describing how they worked together with IBM to leverage AI and innovation to accelerate research. It features Brendan McGinty, NCSA and CAII Director of...

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Initiator Port Group Examples - Part 1

In the first blog, we have seen an impressive introduction to Initiator Port Groups . Just to reiterate, Initiator port groups (IPGs) define the set of VIOS ports to be used for volume attachment when using NPIV. The upcoming blogs in this series will try to demonstrate the use-cases listed...

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Introduction to Initiator Port Groups

Starting PowerVC 1.4.4, there is more flexibility for its users in choosing the right Fiber Channel port configuration to meet their needs. In the first of this blog series, you will get an overview of Initiator Port Groups and the different options available. The upcoming blogs will highlight...

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Deploy using existing volumes

Earlier in PowerVC, an empty image could not be created. As a result whenever an image was deployed, it cloned the image volumes and attached to the virtual machine. Until recently, you could not specify to use only existing volumes for the virtual machine. Starting PowerVC 1.4.4 release, you...

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PowerVC Hitachi Registration

PowerVC 1.4.3 provides integrated support for the Enterprise Hitachi Block Storage Driver (HBSD). In this blog, we will see the procedure for Hitachi registration in PowerVC and the parameters required during registration. We will also focus on a couple of troubleshooting scenarios in case you...

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Introducing IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition

1. Overview of IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition [caption id="attachment 8490" align="alignright" width="574"] Figure 1. High Performance Scale-out Storage with IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition [/caption] IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition (ECE) is a high...

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Zoning per storage provider in PowerVC

Prior to 1.4.3 release, PowerVC supported three types of zoning policies: Initiator-target zoning: To create one zone with one initiator and one target. Initiator zoning: To create zone per one initiator and multiple targets from all storage providers. initiator-vfc zoning: To...

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Adding I/O Groups to existing storage templates of IBM Storwize driver in PowerVC

PowerVC 1.4.3 supports expanding IBM Storwize cluster with a new I/O group and adding the I/O group to the existing storage template. Users do not have to create a new storage template for such functionality. This article describes how you can achieve it. 1. Go to Configuration > ...

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Using Storwize Data Reduction Pool in PowerVC

IBM Storwize Spectrum Virtualize v8.1.2 has introduced the new capability of Data Reduction Pool (DRP). Data Reduction Pools are a new type of storage pool that implement several techniques, such as thin-provisioning, compression, deduplication, and so on. The major benefit includes reduction in...

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