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Champions in Action: Mainframe to Security, Satellite to AIX

Meet these 5 IBM Champions Lella Violet Halloum Lella is 16 and is passionate for bridging the gap between industry and the classroom. She wants to be involved in closing the digital skills gap while seeking to break stereotypes surrounding the industry. She benefits from the support of her...

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IBM Champions on tech trends and disruptions

From data to mainframe, from modernization to the unpredictability of everything, the IBM Champions have some predictions about what to hope for and watch for in 2021.​​ #ibmchampions-featured-library-home #ibmchampions-featured-library #Mainframe #datascience

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IBM Spectrum Scale for Linux on IBM Z – What’s new in IBM Spectrum Scale 5.0.3 ?

IBM Spectrum Scale 5.0.3 has been released and here are the features now available for IBM Z: OS currency updates Installation Tool kit Installation toolkit support for configuration, installation and deployment for SLES 15 on IBM Z Storage...

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Pervasive Encryption with zDMF: Taking steps toward information security's CIA triad

In this article we discuss implementing pervasive encryption using zDMF, and how this effort enhances information security. We first provide a brief overview of information security and its objectives, the so-called CIA triad - Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability. We then look at how...

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Fibre Channel SAN Management for z/OS, IBM Z and DS8000

Executive Summary The I/O Operations (I/O Ops) component of System Automation for z/OS (SAFOS) has been used by z/OS clients to manage the FICON I/O switch configuration, make configuration changes and display status information. In July of 2014 the IBM System Automation for z/OS product team...

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Protecting z/OS from Faulty SAN Storage Links

Executive Summary IBM recommends that clients exploit the “ Improved Channel Path Recovery ” (ICR) function , first delivered in z/OS 1.13 (2011), to quickly fence failing I/O resources and minimize any impact on the production work load. The ICR function allows clients to set a z/OS policy...

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The New DS8882F: Big Value in a Smaller Package

This week, IBM Storage is announcing a new member of the IBM DS8880F family – DS8882F. The new system offers a cost-efficient storage solution engineered to help enable and support current mainframe modernization and integration initiatives. Today, mainframes are as important to business as...

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