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Monday Replay: “Open Standards for Machine Learning Model Deployment” (SF Python, May 13)

The latest in our Monday Replay series comes from the May 13 SF Python meetup , where Svetlana Levitan (IBM Senior Developer Advocate with the Center for Open-source Data and Artificial Intelligence Technologies, CODAIT) gave a talk on open standards for machine learning model deployment: ...

IDUG Virtual Conference 2020

We're excited to announce that we're launching the first-ever fully virtual IDUG Db2 Tech Conference in place of the in-person conference in Dallas. The conference will take place over four weeks, with an exciting three-day live kickoff event starting July 20. The event will include 60+...

 Mon July 20, 2020 10:30 AM - Thu July 23, 2020 03:15 PM ET

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"IBM and City of Markham launch online and telephone virtual agent for questions related to COVID-19"

Today, Markham, the tech capital of Canada, announced a collaboration with IBM to use artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities in IBM Watson Assistant for Citizens to offer the citizens of Markham 24-hour service for their questions about COVID-19. In doing so, Markham has...

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Deploy AI, Virtual Community Day

IBM Data Science Virtual Community Day: Deploy AI What is it? Why are we doing it? What should you expect? Upcoming on March 10th is the IBM Data Science Community's virtual conference . It's a virtual event where external thought leaders, IBM experts, and researchers will teach you how...

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Check out smarter query optimization with Db2 AI for z/OS!

Check out smarter query optimization with Db2 AI for z/OS! Enhancing the performance of a Db2 system and associated applications - breaking technology. #Db2 #Db212 #Db2ZAI #ML #ai #MachineLearning

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Data Science Community News | Volume 2, Issue 2

February 2020 | Volume 2, Issue 2 | Subscribe Spotlight OpenAI—>PyTorch OpenAI is an independent research group who has led the AI community in an assortment of projects ranging from NLP to RL. Their...

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Introducing AutoML

by Paco Nathan and Will Roberts AutoML is a term that appears increasingly in tech industry articles and vendor product claims, and is also a hot topic within AI research in academia. Consider how nearly all of the public cloud vendors promote some form of AutoML service. The tech ...

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