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Meet the 2021 IBM Champions for Maximo

Introducing our 2021 IBM Champions for Maximo! IBM Maximo supports and recognises 31 IBM Champions including clients, business partners, ISVs and academics. A warm welcome to our IBM Maximo Champions - thank you for your contributions to the community. We are pleased to recognise and...

Future of Work: Business & Society

In today’s world, innovation, collaboration and culture are critical to solving business challenges that we could have never before imagined. In times of uncertainty, the organizations that can anticipate the future and rethink traditional ways of working will thrive. Join us to learn how...

 Wed March 03, 2021 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

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Security Improvements for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator v6.0.x/6.1.x

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator v5.2.6.x will be reaching End of Support by September 2021 , so now is the time for customers on these versions to start planning to upgrade. Staying ahead of security standards and practices is important. So, IBM Sterling B2B Integrator v6.0.x/v6.1.x includes several...

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GO NeXT 2.24イベント・アーカイブ

2021年2月24日に開催されたオンライン・イベント「GO NeXT 2.24」のアーカイブ動画を公開中です。東京大学 西成教授(渋滞学)、東京大学 松尾教授(AI)、IBM東京基礎研究所 福田所長(アクセシビリティー)の講演をご覧いただけます。 IBM Community Japan主催オンライン・イベント GO NeXT 2.24 AIと渋滞学 〜 テクノロジーの社会への貢献 <アーカイブ動画公開中> 2021年2月24日に開催されたGO NeXT 2.24イベントのアーカイブ動画を公開中です...

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Simplify and accelerate your private cloud journey

We hear lots about the journey to "the cloud" these days. There are countless studies and reports detailing the advantages and disadvantages of various cloud options. One thing most of these studies seem to agree on is that there is definitely a shift back to on-premises private clouds and/or a...

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Open Source in the Cloud Era

This weekend has happened to be very entertaining. It was a very intense and useful experience exploring good articles about the Virtual Developer Week . And I also found a great report from O’Really and IBM done by Andy Oram called “ The value of Open Source in the Cloud Era ” . It...

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IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is now available in Microsoft Azure marketplace

As companies start their journey to hybrid cloud, they must modernize infrastructure to protect and manage data growth and cloud-based workloads. An IDG survey found that in 2020, 81% of survey respondents reported already using computing infrastructure or having applications in the cloud,...

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Spotlight: Marc Hebert, IBM Champion

The IBM Champions program recognizes excellence and expertise in innovative thought leaders in the technical community and rewards these contributors by amplifying their voice and increasing their sphere of influence. An IBM Champion is an IT professional, business leader, executive, developer,...

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Explore the New SPSS Modeler Community!

This year, the IBM Community team has broken out content from the SPSS Statistics Community that is specific to Modeler, into the new IBM SPSS Modeler Community ! Since there was not a dedicated space for Modeler in the past, a lot of you have leveraged the SPSS Statistics Forum to ask...

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Accelerated Insights into DataStage ETL Inventory

Ever been stuck in routine estimation tasks that delay actual DataStage upgrade/migration? Is there a struggle with monitoring and managing the DataStage ETL inventory estate? Have inaccurate effort estimates leading to unplanned overheads? These are some of the challenges faced by many of our...