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Flexible payment model enables more companies to digitize and automate supplier transactions

Recent global events have convinced companies with complex, global supply chains and multiple tiers of suppliers that they need a better way to engage with trading partners. Eliminating manual processes is a critical step on the path to more efficient supplier onboarding and collaboration. But...

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IBM Community Japan 2020.7.1 メンバー登録開始 マナブ・ツクル・ツナガルで 「未来を創るテクノロジーで豊かな社会を創ること」を共に目指しませんか? さあ、あなたの可能性を拡げる場所へ #Spotlight #Featured-area-1 #Featured-area-1-home

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Don't miss out! Register for the July 9 webcast featuring Storage Made Simple for Data and AI

IBM Storage is introducing a new solution and making important enhancements to the Storage for Data and AI portfolio. Join us in this webinar to hear this exciting news! #Featured-area-1 #Featured-area-1-home

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Work Anywhere with FileNet - Any Cloud, Any Device, All Users

Are you creating a lot of new digital content and looking for the most flexible, cost effective place to access, collaborate and manage it with others ? We all understand - now more than ever - the need to have content accessible anywhere, collaborate remotely and easily manage...

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DataOps for the Modern Enterprise

Presentation by Julie Lockner, Director for Portfolio Optimization and Offering Management IBM Data and AI, at IBM User Group Day 2020. #Featured-area-1 #Featured-area-1-home #Highlights-home

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Featured Presentation from IBM VP & CTO Sridhar Muppidi: Continuous Security for Hybrid Multicloud

Organizations must adopt the cloud to drive digital transformation but this presents some new challenges and concerns for IT leaders, that must operate and maintain business as usual, even with more complex, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Take a look at this presentation and learn how to...

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Automate onboarding and collaboration with smaller trading partners

In times of great change companies must be agile and responsive to ensure that they maintain their businesses, which includes connecting and trading with all customers and suppliers, even the smallest. Automation can help. While disruptions, like the current global pandemic, increase the need...

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Navigating the New Era of Cloud Computing

In the world of cloud, your modernization options are many: public, private, hybrid or multicloud, open source, Red Hat subscription, and the list goes on. How can you leverage these options in your existing mission-critical application investments? Learn from Steve Sibley , Vice President -...

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IBM – Building Momentum to Win the Hybrid Cloud Platform War

IBM – Building Momentum to Win the Hybrid Cloud Platform War IBM – Building Momentum to Win the Hybrid Cloud Platform War By Ravi Shankar and Srini Chari, PhD., MBA – Cabot Partners, May 8, 2020. As the evolving impacts of COVID-19 ripple globally through our communities, the...

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Getting Started

Welcome to the IBM public cloud community, a collaborative community space for IBM public cloud Users. We invite you to share your voice and take full advantage of the resources and expertise offered in this community. Find a group: Join product-focused or local/regional groups to find the...

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