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Lots of Zs but no sleeping: Cloud Pak for Integration 2020.3.1 is announced September 22nd 2020

It is easy to imagine, should you assemble the right set of technical people, an argument breaking out about what’s the best technology for the enterprise? You would have a group of people confident that their preferred solution – containers, Kubernetes and CI/CD devops pipelines as the best...

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Extending Your Watson Chatbot

Article describing how to enable the Watson Assistant/Watson Discovery integration, allowing you to extend the capabilities of your chatbot to address those "long tail" questions. #Featured-area-1 #Featured-area-1-home

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Imperium Legacy Technology’s Health Care-as-a-Service platform is making telemedicine more accessible and patient-centric

Telemedicine, the ability to connect with a healthcare professional via telephone and more recently, video conferencing has been an elusive goal for healthcare. However, Covid-19 accelerated -- necessitated -- the adoption of telemedicine and provided new reasons for patients to adopt. Now, more...

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4 Ways To Stay Ahead In A Retail Digital Transformation

Check out Forbe's article featuring Power Systems Client, Lulu Group International. As the world advances into a post-COVID era, Piyush Chowhan, CIO of Lulu Group International, shares some evergreen lessons that leaders can incorporate from the company’s leading market status in the mass...

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Agile and Integration

This article describes improvements to Agile methodology done by one of the App Connect development teams that use Integration concepts and products and that are particularly well-suited for a remote working environment. Kanban is a well established and widely used method to manage and...

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Available today – IBM Maximo Enterprise Adapter for Oracle Applications 7.6.1

Today IBM announces the availability of the latest version of the Maximo Enterprise Adapter for Oracle. IBM Maximo Enterprise Adapter for Oracle Applications manages asset and work management processes and integrates the Oracle E-Business Suite with the rest of the enterprise. The...

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Manage your Aspera on Cloud Subscription, in-app.

Managing your Aspera on Cloud subscription just got easier with the "Subscription Management" page. This summarizes the features and volume allowances of your AoC plan. Depending on your AoC edition, you can also view historical and current monthly usage. You can track and monitor usage across 4...

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What is the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries?

Quickly evaluate your application binaries for rapid deployment on Liberty or newer versions of WebSphere® traditional. The tool identifies the Java EE programming models in the application and recommends the right-fit IBM® WebSphere Application Server edition. The tool can also highlight any...