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IBM Cloud Object Storage Continues to Transform Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

New enhancements and certification process leverages modern server technologies and new integration with IBM products leverage additional backup environments Data is a valuable asset and the amount of data kept online and accessible continues to expand. It’s no secret that the amount of data...

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Healthcare Big Data - A Blessing or a Curse?

Market leaders in the healthcare industry are dealing with this dilemma every day. On one hand they are experiencing tremendous growth in the volume of available data coming from various sources that could potentially help them deliver higher quality of personalized patient care. On the other...

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On-going innovation together

IBM and Cisco have a 15-year history of demonstrated joint success, with tens of thousands of shared customers. The companies provide industry-leading solutions in data center computing, converged infrastructure, networking, mobility, analytics, and the Internet of Things. Together, IBM and...

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