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Using AI to Process Documents featured on “Two Questions About Automation”

While AI-powered automation is being touted as an emerging technology for public and private organizations to improve processes, strengthen security and advise employees, IBM Content Services is already incorporating Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to automate document...

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How anyone can use deep learning to turn unstructured content into actionable data with IBM Automation Document Processing

We understand automation will make our businesses more profitable and free up time to focus on high value tasks. We also know that data scientists can build sophisticated models to make this happen, but they are in high demand and have too many projects to tackle. Meanwhile, businesses...

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The #1 way to improve your decision making!

Yes, you guessed it. It's Machine Learning (ML) . But knowing that is not enough, because the majority of ML projects never reach production. Fear not - help is on the way! On Oct ober 7th, you can join James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, and myself, Greger...

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The New Dashboards for Business Automation Insights – Now You Can “See” Operations and Make Changes to Improve It

I recently moderated a client panel discussion on Operational Challenges with a line-up of COOs and Process Executives from a number of large enterprises. One of the topics that got everyone to lean forward into their Zoom was a discussion on the practical ways to use Artificial Intelligence and...

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Operationalizing AI: Beyond Pilots With Digital Decisioning

Businesses are made or broken by the quality of the decisions they make. How well does this offer target this customer? Does this machine need to be serviced now or can it wait? Is this transaction legitimate or suspicious? Will this customer make the payment they have just promised? The quality...