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IBM FlashSystems and Infrastructure as Code

Out in the field we are seeing more and more interest in using Automation. Automation has, of course, been around for some time. One of my first roles in IBM was working with GDPS (a family of services offerings for automation Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in the Mainframe space,...

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IBM Cloud News Now August 31

Welcome back to IBM Cloud Now, a bi-weekly series bringing you the latest and greatest IBM Cloud news and announcements. Make sure to check out the IBM Cloud Blog for a full rundown of all announcements: This week, we're covering the following: ( ...

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Spinning up an NVMe/FC Strategy using Cisco’s C-type SAN Switches

Every so often there comes a time when we witness a major shift in the IT industry that fundamentally changes the landscape, including product portfolios and investment strategies. Storage and Storage Area Networks (SANs) are undergoing one such paradigm shift that opens up a huge opportunity...

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[Case Study] Dream Payments transforms delivery and brings mobile payment capabilities to the enterprise

Introduction Business challenge When large financial institutions expressed interest in adopting its mobile payments solution, Dream Payments needed a fast, flexible way to deploy hosting infrastructure for enterprise customers. Transformation Evaluating Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM...


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The Easy and Cost-Effective Way to Run VMware Workloads on the Cloud

This session from IBM Think 2020 provides an overview of a how a self-service, managed VMware environment will revolutionize how you can run you VMware workload in the cloud. IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared supports VMware vApps, VMs, software-defined networking with bring your own IPs ...

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ESXサーバーにストレージの複数のボリュームをマップした場合、どのボリュームかを判別する方法を紹介します。 vCenterを見ると、以下のようにボリュームが見えてきます。このNameの行のnaaだったりeuiの後にあるものが各ストレージ機器上で判別できます。 DS8000では、showfbvolのアウトプットで出てくる、 GUID が合致します。更に言えば下4桁がVolume IDですのでこの部分を見れば簡単に判別可能です。一番上のものがDS8000のボリュームでVolume ID...

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シンプロとレクラメーションとSCSI UNMAP【その3 VMware編】

以下、前回前々回に続き、3回目。少し長いです。。。 シンプロとレクラメーションとSCSI UNMAP【その1 概要編】 シンプロとレクラメーションとSCSI UNMAP【その2 Windows編】

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