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Faster Dashboards with HTTP/2

Although IBM Cognos Analytics doesn’t require a web server like Microsoft IIS or Apache HTTP Server to be configured for it, it is a best practice to do so as it is essential for load balancing certain requests and serving static content like icons and image files efficiently . Did you...

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Reports vs Dashboards or Reports + Dashboards?

We enjoy hearing about the many ways that you, our customers, are using Cognos Analytics. People from many different types of teams, industries, and skill levels are using Cognos Analytics to bring analytical insight to their work. After hearing from many different customers, however, I will...

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Interactive Dashboarding on Big Data (Billions of Rows)

As a Senior Offering Manager for IBM Cognos Analytics, I regularly get asked the question “How does Cognos work with Big Data”. My response has not changed much in the past several years – we exploit your data infrastructure for all its worth. The primary data access strategy for Cognos...

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What's New in Cognos 11.1.5 Dashboards!

Cognos Analytics 11.1 Release 5 is now available, so I’m excited to talk about the awesome new stuff we’ve added to our Dashboards. One area that we get asked about frequently is need to drill from a dashboard to a dashboard. That’s now available to Dashboard authors in R5, you would simply...

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Statistical Forecasting made easy with Cognos Analytics

You can use the new Forecasting capabilities in Cognos Analytics to discover and model, trend, seasonality, and time dependence in data. You can forecast by using automated tools that model time-dependent data. Automated model selection and tuning makes forecasting easy to use, even if you are...

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Getting started in Planning Analytics Trial

Congratulations on signing up for IBM Planning Analytics Trial! IBM Planning Analytics is a powerful, yet easy to use cloud solution that will help you overcome the common frustrations of using spreadsheet based processes for planning and analysis. Planning Analytics Trial allows you to use...

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“Your data, Your visuals” - Custom Visualizations with IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.4

We are excited to release a new extensible visualization capability with Cognos 11.1.4! Users will now be allowed to expand the current OotB(Out-of-the-box) visualization library with beautiful custom JavaScript-based visualizations. Developers can build, validate and compile custom...

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Cognos Analytics Modelling expression editor

Cognos Analytics Modelling expression editor The Cognos Analytics Modelling expression editor has been revised in 11.1.x. You can use the expression editor in Modelling, Dashboards, and Exploration. The intention of this article is to describe functionality available in the expression...

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Cognos Analytics Viewer Licence in 11.1.4

The latest version of Cognos Analytics updates the Information Distribution license to allow users to run and interact with dashboards. The existing Information Distribution licence will be renamed to Analytics Viewer, there is no action required on your part. To take advantage of this new...

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New Base Samples for IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.4

IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.4 contains the following new and updated Base Samples : Team content > Samples > Dashboards Country comparison: This sample dashboard has been updated to include the new KPI visualization. Team content > Samples > Explorations Coffee...

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