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Latest edition of Guardium Data Protection (v11.4) is available today!

IBM Security Guardium Data Protection helps secure your sensitive data, wherever it resides, and align your security strategy with zero trust principles to tackle key initiatives such as addressing data privacy, insider threat, and cloud security. In our continued efforts to help you to evolve...

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Am I Being Audited? Compliance Policy and Audit Process in IBM Security Guardium Insights v3.0

Regardless of industry, data security compliance is critical. Whether adhering to the various industry-specific and general regulations or responding to the growing customer demand for greater data security around sensitive personal data, organizations are faced with a variety of...

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Vulnerability Scanning for Images and Running Containers on Red Hat OpenShift with Vulnerability Advisor

Top vulnerabilities for containers include Misconfigurations Securing registry images Runtime threats And Vulnerability Advisor, addresses just that, a container-based vulnerability scan, with integrations with various image registries. Read more about this here -> ...

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IBM FlashSystems and Infrastructure as Code

Out in the field we are seeing more and more interest in using Automation. Automation has, of course, been around for some time. One of my first roles in IBM was working with GDPS (a family of services offerings for automation Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in the Mainframe space,...

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BLOG ARCHIVE - Sept 2019 - GRC is everyone's business

GRC is everyone’s business September 26, 2019 | Written by: David Marmer In my May 2019 blog, “Has GRC Reached Its Tipping Point? Observations From The Front Lines” , I described a set of common patterns that are driving business initiatives in Governance, Risk &...

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How Patch Posture Reporting Improves Security Landscapes

Vulnerability identification and remediation are critical to maintaining a secure environment. Today, most organizations are using one or multiple vulnerability scanning tools to identify vulnerabilities on endpoints such as business critical servers, laptops and desktops. They also have...

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