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IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager® continues to evolve

New features speed telco cloud migration and automation With the emergence of edge computing and 5G, networks are changing rapidly and requiring CSPs to instantiate multiple instances of a network, using network slicing architecture and a DevOps cycle of management. There is an increased...

How Aponia Data Solutions Grew Solution Delivery 3X: IBM Cloud Champions Speaker Series webinar

PART OF THE IBM CLOUD CHAMPION SPEAKER SERIES Webinar Summary As a startup offering on-premise software to financial services and healthcare clients, Aponia Data Solutions found gaining traction in the market slow going. The pace changed after transforming into a cloud provider,...

 Thu December 03, 2020 | 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM ET

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Videos v3.5: Watson Knowledge Catalog

Watson Knowledge Catalog in IBM Cloud Pak for Data helps you deliver trusted and meaningful data by providing a secure enterprise catalog management platform that is supported by a data governance framework. Overview of Watson Knowledge Catalog This video introduces you to Watson Knowledge...

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Video v3.5: DataStage Data Transformation

DataStage in Cloud Pak for Data is a data integration offering for designing and running data flows that move and transform data. Create a simple parallel job This videos shows you how to create a simple data transformation job in IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Create a job from a template - Db2...

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Videos v3.5: Watson Studio Streams Flows

You can use Streams Flows to develop streaming applications called flows and deploy them to IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Flows are created by using the simple drag-and-drop interface to ingest and analyze streaming data. Streams Flows Overview This video provides an overview of Watson Studio...

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Videos v3.5: Watson Studio basics

Watson Studio provides the data science features in a collaborative environment for data scientists, developers, and domain experts to explore, analyze, and model data. Create a Watson Studio project from a zipped file and from a GitHub repository Watch this video to see how to create a Watson...

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IBM Cloud for Telecommunications – A Cloud Tailored for Telcos

Today, IBM is announcing IBM Cloud for Telecommunications the first high-trust, unified architecture addressing the fundamental transformation challenges that face telcos. Telecommunication operators are under pressure to simultaneously deliver enhanced digital experiences, while modernizing...