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IBM’s New Robotic Process Automation Product is very Chatty

Perhaps you heard that IBM acquired a Robotic Process Automation vendor this summer, a Brazilian company called WDG Automation. Since IBM already had relationships with Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and UIPath, you might wonder why the need for another? WDG Automation CEO, Robson Felix...

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Improve Your Chatbot Using Watson Assistant Chat Logs

An article showing you how to use the Assistant chat logs to provide feedback on chatbot performance and operations, and how to use that information to improve your chatbot. #chatbot

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Watson Covid-19 Chatbot Training Path

Watson Covid-19 Chatbot Training Path - this learning path is for customers who have deployed a Covid-19 chatbot with IBM, but the learning path and the materials are a good source for ANYONE to come up to speed with Watson Assistant. #Covid-19 #chatbot #Featured-area-2-home #feeatured...

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Cognitive Class - How to Build a Chatbot

Cognitive Class - How to Build a Chatbot - a Cognitive Class offering that will help you build up and learn how to build your own chatbot. #chatbot