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Recap: Community Social Hour Celebrates Creativity, Achievement, and Our Members

By Krista Summitt posted Thu May 19, 2022 02:26 PM


Just a few of the many posts we received in the "How Do You Create?" member discussion thread


Hugh Everett (left)is an IBM Integration User Group UK leader and actor. Photography by Mark Peterson of Cognos Analytics community.

Community member Portia Melita was commissioned to paint this mural by the Blake Annex
Workspace in Albany, NY. 

What do a bass guitarist, a magazine publisher, and a ceramic artist all have in common?

They were all featured in our Community Social Hour on May 17!

Using the theme Let’s Create, the social hour was a unique, virtual get-together to celebrate the many talents, contributions, and creative passions of our IBM online user community.

Master of Ceremonies David Jenness welcomes members to Let's Create Social hour.

The highlights:

  • We were welcomed with a review of the community member creative gallery thread by our MC for the event, David Jenness, Business Automation Community Manager, IBM.

  • Chief Community Officer Marius Ciortea shared our future plans to add job boards to the community in his executive update.

  • Attendees received an exclusive briefing on IBM’s new Let's Create brand strategy from Gemma Smith, IBM Senior Advertising Manager.

  • Addressing the very important issue of mental health, we saw a demo of “Hope”, a chatbot tool which helps individuals to perform a mental health screening and connects them to a healthcare provider. The bot, developed by Surabhi Baghel and Mayuri Wagh, was the winner of the 2022 IBM Build-a-Bot Challenge.

  • For the Beyond the Product segments, 2 business partners and one IBMer demonstrated their creative passions, and MC David Jenness led a Q&A with each creator.
    • Sydney Adams - Offering Manager - Business Automation, IBM ,and literary food magazine publisher
    • Raoul Niamut - Principle at ECM Partners, professional bass player, and SONY recording artist
    • Stephanie Kiefer- Consultant with Pyramid Solutions, and ceramicist.

  • The community celebrated our 1Q gamification badge earners for our community gamification program.        3400 community members earned at least 1 badge or stamp in 1Q 2022.  Rachel Su, Naomi Scott, and Jason Verly received special recognition for earning the IBM Community Contributor badge in 1Q.

Watch the replay of the entire event: