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What’s New on the IBM Accelerator Catalog – October 8

The IBM Accelerator Catalog is a free platform to showcase and share both expertise and assets. The goal is to help our users get acquainted with our products and demonstrate what they are capable of. The Accelerator Catalog is meant to be inclusive of all our users regardless of which skill...

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Metadata Modeling Best Practice... is here now!

Looking for some best practice guidelines on how to model your metadata in Cognos Analytics Data Module? Then read on.... Metadata modeling has been a large part of using Cognos, all the way back from ReportNet through Cognos BI 8 and 10 and it's still fully integrated into Cognos Analytics 11....

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Data Modules: AI-Infused, Web-based Data Modelling in Cognos Analytics

An AI in BI Approach to Data Modelling The recent O’Reilly report, The Value of AI-Powered Business Intelligence , on infusing artificial intelligence (AI) into business intelligence (BI), makes three key points: “AI in BI is a game changer because it allows line-of-business (LOB) users...

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Get your hands on the Framework Manager vs Data Module gaps document and the 4-5-4 Retail calendar

Sample Retail Calendar for relative time analysis When we released relative time filters for Gregorian and Fiscal calendars, our customers loved it and found them very valuable. They are straightforward to set up and are very powerful for analysis. However, our retail customers who have...

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Relationship operators in module relationships

Relationship operators Contents Summary. Upgrade. Usage example. Null safe equal comparison operator ( =N ) usage. Example of an expression to transform a date into an integer value. Summary In Cognos Analytics 11.1.4, the Cognos Analytics...

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Sync database changes with ease + WKC integration in 11.1.6!

Several companies big or small have changes taking place in their database – whether that’s in the development process where you are prototyping, or maybe there was a reorganization of your business unit and some policies are now different, or any other reason that results in a change to the...

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Smarter intent-based modeling, members in data tree, show SQL, and so much more in Cognos Analytics 11.1.5!

The Cognos Analytics 11.1.5 release is packed with a lot of modeling enhancements! Both for our experienced modelers as well as the self-service business users. Let’s take a look: Smarter Intent-based modelling When adding tables to a new or existing data module, you can...


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Statistical Forecasting made easy with Cognos Analytics

You can use the new Forecasting capabilities in Cognos Analytics to discover and model, trend, seasonality, and time dependence in data. You can forecast by using automated tools that model time-dependent data. Automated model selection and tuning makes forecasting easy to use, even if you are...

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Cognos Analytics Modelling expression editor

Cognos Analytics Modelling expression editor The Cognos Analytics Modelling expression editor has been revised in 11.1.x. You can use the expression editor in Modelling, Dashboards, and Exploration. The intention of this article is to describe functionality available in the expression...

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Cognos Analytics 11 SSAS pass-through Authentication and SSO with Kerberos

There are a lot of use cases where it can be challenging to configure SSO to Cognos Analytics and then Pass-Through Authentication to SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) Cube Datasource without being prompted, all via Kerberos Authentication. So, here I've outlined the changes I've made to...

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