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Open Source in the Cloud Era

This weekend has happened to be very entertaining. It was a very intense and useful experience exploring good articles about the Virtual Developer Week . And I also found a great report from O’Really and IBM done by Andy Oram called “ The value of Open Source in the Cloud Era ” . It...

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RE: alternative way to skip installation of DBMS_RANDOM package ?

I've been using this for years #include <stdlib.h> #include "mi.h" void udr srand(mi integer seed, MI FPARAM *fparam) ( (void) fparam; srand(seed); ) mi integer udr rand(MI FPARAM *fparam) ( (void) fparam; return rand(); ) mi integer udr...

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Linux環境でSpectrum VirtualizeやFlashSystem使用時の向けのオススメ設定

マニュアル等には特には記載されていない推奨設定が以下のTechnoteで公開されていたので紹介します。 LINUX IO performance tuning for IBM System Storage, V1.5 この資料によると、推奨は以下です。 1) Fibreは筐体に対して8本接続(Linuxの場合、ホストのパスは4パスが推奨なので、これは実質複数台の推奨) 2) IO scheduler: noop 3...

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