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IBM App Connect Enterprise 12 - New videos

With the release of IBM App Connect Enterprise 12 we have published 7 videos on the IBM Support and Training YouTube channel demonstrating the new capability for unit testing message flows. The unit tests can be added to your pipeline to ensure your integration solutions do not regress in their...

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Cloud Pak for Integration 2020.4.1 install runthrough.

As Leif announced, Cloud Pak for Integration's 4Q release 2020.4.1 GAed on Friday. Every component of Cloud Pak for Integration is built to be 100% kubernetes native, deployed and managed by Operators, and delivered using what I describe as an 'appstore-like' experience out of the...

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Lightweight approach to create a custom image for deploying App Connect on OpenShift

This article provides step by step instruction on how to create a custom image for App Connect on OpenShift without the overhead of creating and maintaining a separate image registry or build automation toolchain. When deploying an App Connect integration on OpenShift, you have a choice between...