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Listen to Julius Wahidin's talk on Instana and Watson AIOps

"Monitoring tells you when something is wrong. Observability enables you to understand why" @JULIUS WAHIDIN is a member of the AIOps Elite Team, the top technical consultants/architects for anything related to IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps and Instana, and the emerging technologies in the...

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Monitor Z workloads with Instana

Monitor Z Workloads wth APM Connect and Instana Watch this 6 minute video to understand how Instana and Z APM Connect pair up to quickly diagnose/isolate an application performance issue of a Z workload. Please comment what you would like to see on Instana. #APM #incident #monitoring

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Observability vs APM vs Monitoring

Are we using the terms Monitoring, APM and Observability interchangeably? Are we using it right? How traditional monitoring infrastructure/architecture may not serve cloud-native/microservices architecture Typical cloud-native architecture and components 3 important characteristics of...

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Know everything with Instana, Solve it with WatsonAIOps - Demo by Pratik Gupta, CTO & Distinguished Engineer

Alexander Pope, the great 18th Century English poet, wrote, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” and we’ve been quoting him ever since. Lately,it occurred to me as I watched a terrific new demo of the new IBM Acqusition, Instana. As a Customer Support professional for many years, I...

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See for yourself how easy it is to make Instana capture everything for you

Check how Instana provides immediate, exact understanding with zero effort ! Automated Discovery Dependency map Root Cause Performance Optimisation #watsonAIOps #observability #APM #applicationmonitoring


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Why We’re Bringing Netcool Capabilities into Watson AIOps

A blast from the past .... On July 28, 2020, we announced that we will bring the superb event management, topology, and predictive insights capabilities from Omnibus/Netcool into Watson AIOps . We have refactored and cloud-nativized these capabilities to offer our clients a...

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Rational Performance Tester Licensing with ITCAM for Transactions

by Harriet Johnson If you encounter licensing errors while installing RPT for use with ITCAM for Transactions, these tips resolve the problems. Upon running launchpad.exe if you encounter this error it is because the install cannot find the ..\disk1\ directory. Place this directory...

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