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Best Practices : API to export document and annotations in ViewONE Virtual.

IBM® Daeja® ViewONE Virtual introduced JavaScript API to export all supported documents with annotation as PDF. With this API you can export document with annotations loaded in viewer or combine document and annotation by specifying their URL. This API is available in IBM Daeja ViewONE...

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Best Practice – Monetizing API Products

Treating API offerings as a Product and Monetization continue to be very hot topics. Recently I participated in an API-as-a-Product Livecast hosted by Nordic APIs where this was the focus. I have previously written about both API Product and Monetization as independent topics but...

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Messages, APIs, and Events

We sometimes hear confusion regarding the value of message-based technologies when there are API and Event solutions available. We also know that die-hard fans of MQ are sometimes caught up in similar discussions with colleagues who are interested in alternatives to message-based solutions. The...

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Using Cloud Foundry APIs on IBM Cloud

Using CloudFound APIs on IBM Cloud: To work with the IBM Cloud Services we mostly use the IAM API Keys or Access tokens to authenticate first. In similar way to work with Cloud Foundry (CF) applications and services of IBM Cloud using either cli or API , we have to authenticate first...

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Optimizing Trace API Output for Recall Scenarios

Co-authored by Max Zuo and Nathan Barry Summary The IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply Trace API can help supply chain members quickly trace products both upstream and downstream across all the data they are entitled to. This blog post demonstrates some of the capabilities the...

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Attend APIdays Australia (virtual) - Free

The next APIdays event is coming up September 15 and 16. The theme for the event is Building Business Ecosystems . #API Hosted out of Melbourne, Australia you can attend virtually wherever you are or listen to the replays if the timing is difficult in your time zone. ...